Very Early Prediction for the 2015 w/l Record

Hy Floyd,

I forgot. What is it that the tight end does at BYU?


Hi CD,

I don’t know how old you are, but can you remember when our WAC conference team mates use to include
Arizona and Arizona State before they left us behind in the WAC to join the Pac 8/10?

Do you remember a few years ago, when our MWC conference team mates use to include Utah that left behind in the MWC as they left us for the Pac 10/12 and TCU left us behind in the MWC to go into the Big 12?

Hey do you remember when we, TCU, Utah, and BYU were still all together and Boise State wanted to join us but they were not good enough until after we all left the MWC? Hey that Boise State team went on to have two great BCS Bowls, and finished the season ranked while we still struggle as an Independent ! In fact now going into the new 2015 season, they are ranked at #22 while we are at #46.

Hey do you remember when Utah State was our little brother and it was a ( give me game) that we won almost every time we played them? Hey they recently beat us. Hey they are the leaders in their division of the MWC now. We are starting to think of them as our new rival.

Isn’t it wonderful how all of our former peers have out grown us. I am so happy for them and the coaching that they are getting. It makes me so proud to know they were once our peers.

Hey, but we can claim the moral ground. We are probably holier than TCU and Utah. We can be proud that we have football listed as importance in the theme of things as #5 and 6 and probably behind or after fireside chats.



Didn’t we trade our tight ends in for extra gurards or tackles?
Do we still call that position a tight end positions or do we now call it an extra Right Tackle?


My prediction:

09/05/15 #46 BYU— Upset Win—over #30 Nebraska.
09/12/15 #46 BYU-----------------------------------------------------loss to #22 Boise State @ LES
09/19/15 #46 BYU-----------------------------------------------------loss to # 20 UCLA
09/26/15 #46 BYU— Upset Win— over # 29 Michigan
10/02/15#46 —BLOW OUT WIN -----over # 111 UCON.
10/16/15 #46 BYU— BLOW OUT WIN— over # 77 East Carolina
10/24/15 #46 BYU---- shameful blow out win---- over #150 FCS Wagner.

10/31/15 WE really need a rest after the last embarrassing blow out against #150 Wagner. (Shame on Us)
Why not have the BYE week before the Missouri game or the Michigan game.

11/06/15 #46 Blow out win over # 97 San Jose State
11/14/15 #46 BYU ---------------------------------------------------loss to #25 Missouri
11/21/15 blow out win over # 84 Fresno State.
11/28/15 # 46 BYU Blow Out loss to # 65 Utah State

Season will be (9-3)
#46 BYU is well within the P5 range (128 teams divided in half = 64. The top 64 ideally is in the P5 range and Ideally the bottom 64 is in the G5 range. All teams do not fit that ideal range.

While our #46 BYU range is in the P5 range Our #73 average range for our opponents runs deep into the G5 range even with the 3 ranked teams.

If we want to be taken seriously as a P5 team, our own ranking must consistently never fall below 64 and our over all programing SOS can never fall below the average of 64. To do this would be be the lowest possible of all of the P5 teams. To be a respected P5 member, we must achieve a much higher ranking for ourselves and have our over all ranking of opponents average no lower that in the 50’s.