Virg tech hookies

Virginia Tech’s mascot is really just a turkey, but they call it a HokieBird. The word “Hokie” originated in the “Old Hokie” spirit yell created in 1896 by O. M. Stull for a contest which was held to select a new spirit yell when the college’s name was changed from Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (VAMC) to Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

Hoki, Hoki, Hoki, Hy.
Techs, Techs, VPI!
Sola-Rex, Sola-Rah.
Rae, Ri, V.P.I

Later, the phrase “Team! Team! Team!” was added at the end, and an “e” was added to “Hoki”.

BYU should be in this game. Both VaT and BYU are smallish, outside shooting teams and VaT is a very good 3point team. Did I say very good, meant to say they shoot a ton of 3s.

Lead by Landers, 6’7 Fr. shoots 50%.
and 5 other Hokies are 42%-62% three point specialists.

But don’t despair. They are all Freshmen. VaT starts 3 freshmen and 2 Jrs.
So I went back and looked at the Mich St game, MSU was ranked #3, to see just how they pulled off their biggest win in years. MSU out rebounded VaT 43-27 with 17 offensive boards so on paper MSU should have killed VaT.……big stat………VaT hit 10-21 threes. the other telling stat:
TurnOvers MSU had 20, VaT had 9

3 Keys to the game:
1-BYU is Sr loaded, VaT full of Freshmen.
Whoever knocks down their 3s, Wins

2-Yes, turnovers will also define the game
3-VaT ranks #303 at going to the hoop, BYU ranks # 334 or dead last at driving to the hoop. VaT is athletic and may just blow by BYU as Kansas did. BYU did stay in the Kansas game til the second half so we’ll see.
Vegas has BYU 70-69 VaT
Massey VaT 72-66 BYU

Go Cougs.

So , in essence, what you are saying, is whoever defends the perimeter the best-wins?:smile: you know, some people just have a hard time acknowledging another team as being better than theirs and making excuses for why they lost. Kansas was and will be superior to BYU all year, but they will have difficulties with teams meeting their length and athleticism, because they don’t shoot that well

Great game BYU-great tourney 2-1 with this competition-nothing to do but get better when Child’s returns-congrats!!!

Tj took that game over. MVP performance

With Childs, we go 9 deep and a couple others could help too. We played loose and confident. We didn’t against Kansas. We had open shots with Kansas and players didn’t shoot them. Tonight, open shooters shot the ball. And, I don’t know where Haws found that second wind but 13 points in a row took over the game. Lee and Nixon did great.

Got hot! So did everyone else too. Toolsen is still not comfortable on the floor.

Nice win tonight. Why it took TJ this long to get hot. Nice to see Lee and Nixon making big improvement along with Seljass play defense. Other two games against MWC is a head scatcher. Now we have Montana Tech and then Yoeli is back against Utah.

Hey I’m ecstatic Byu came out with two wins. Before the season started I thought we would be at 50% before Childs got back. I think Byu is going to do very well in the WCC. Although they may struggle quite a bit With San Francisco’s length as well as Gonzaga

Hopefully we learned from Kansas to not hesitate shooting the ball. To not be intimidated by Gonzaga or anyone else.

How did they do. Both teams followed a script.

1- both teams shot over 50% from three land but Byu made seven more. This is a stat that will work for Byu throughout the year but there will be nights when the ball is not falling so it is a false indicator Because it is not dependable

2- turnovers. Byu made fewer but this was not much of a factor as both teams protected the ball fairly well.

3- The third factor was speed and athleticism Byu did a very good job at defending Virginia Tech.
But the true factor was Haws took the game over early in the second half scored 13 points Straight was unstoppable. And the supporting cast all hit big shots. Seljaas was 0-4 in the Kansas game. He hit big shot after big shot. As did Hardy. Barcello went to the hoop. Hit big shots. finally.

Nixon and lee had big games as well. All of this just shows just how good Kansas is at the defending and over powering terms with their superior athletics

Don’t you think Childs will make a difference in scoring in the paint? We will still shoot 3’s. But Childs will balance off the inside threat. Although both Nixon and especially Lee scored well. Infact, against WCC teams, Lee will give Childs a lot of needed rest. Nixon should simply start at the 4 position and rotate with Seljaas.

The Kansas game had 2 challenges that I think we overcame in the VT win:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Intimidation (without Childs)

He should do fine in the paint scoring. And he did say before season started that he is aiming Defensive Player of the Year in WCC.
Will he and his team will be ready for Utah? Sure hope so and looking forward for Yo another MONSTER DUNK over the u.

Practice and game are different. So, I hope the players can adjust quickly with him in the game. I hope Lee continues to get lots of playing time.
I think based on the exhibition games that we will see some high-low offense with Childs and Lee, Nixon or Seljaas.

don’t worry, Lee will play pretty much the same like he did 9 games so far. I like the way Seljass playing defense in the paint and should continue more often