Wake up everybody. Love my MOM

By now the football world is aware of Mason Lake, walk on Soph. from Lone Peak, Utah.
Here’s his story

This story made my day. Hope you have a great day too

Nice story.

I really like things like this. I wish they wouldn’t “blow up” and become all hyped because I think that can take away from the very personal nature of his situation but whatever. That would be really hard to lose your mom at a young age.

Good for him and I hope he continues to do well. That shovel pass TD was a thing of beauty wasn’t it?

Lost my mom at age 90 last year. Totally different circumstances from Mason Wake. He lost his mother at the tender age. It is life-changing. His mom would be, is extremely proud of him

The shovel pass was great, and it has been fun to see Grimes do something almost every game to throw a bone to the big guy. When a coach does that for a good guy like Wake, it lifts the whole team. I like to criticize Grimes for his deep devotion to the jet sweep, but there really is a lot to like about him, and showing the love for the blocking back every now and then is one of those things!