Wanted to share this with you guys

I know this all about BYU, but I came across this article about a former Ute who deals with depression. I known this guy since he was like 5, I hung out with his older sister, and I worked for his dad at one time.

Depression is a serious subject that I would not wish on my worst enemy, it knows no religion, no gender, no race or country boundary. It is something never openly talked about because it makes people feel uncomfortable.

A friend of mine lost his son last year because he could not deal with depression, They were good parents, both very active and engaged in the gospel, very family oriented… but still this happened.

Please take time to learn about the myths vs truths about depression, because chances are there is someone close to you that is dealing with it.

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Kena said: “Craig and I will be married 25 years in June. I would not change those years for anything because there were life lessons I needed.”
Good for her!

I have five boys and four of them are dealing with this disorder. I am going to expose my self about my family and I want to share my side. Before I do, we usually don’t discuss this because people don’t want to hear about it which I think it is true but maybe I need to change that but again, I Don’t Know.

You know about my condition with Usher Syndrome (deaf/blind) and my sister has this too. But we are not totally blind or deaf. Fun so far? Now the complicated one about the family including my wife, they have mild one and one High Functional Autism Spectrum, Bipolar, Asperger (that name has been removed), TS, Tics and Depression. Three of them have dealt with suiside talk and have gone to UNI (University Neuro Institute). I think that is enough.

One big gripes HEALTH INSURANCE are not quite perfect yet. Medicines, ER and UNI are really expensive and SUCKS!

There are a lot of those who out there and need help but the health insurance would not cover enough. But, what do I know?

Last part, Rick Majerus we all knew him who he was a real JERKS. but I was surprise that he was softened up to Craig. That was really surprising!

Thanks Floyd for bringing this up.

Sorry guys if you felt uncomfortable which I do feel that way.