Was it just me, or did I notice

that the referees were subtracting 1 yard every time they spotted the ball for us? The most notable was when we were at the MSU 4, and Jamaal had what looked like a first down. I noticed several other times as well. Can’t Coach S ask for a review of the spot? The other observation was seeing the targeting non-calls in this game compared to the targeting calls made against us in the Utah game. I hope that MSU can pull it together and look a little stronger on offense than they looked against us.
Hopefully, we can keep up the improvements in offense and put the Toledo defensive debacle behind us.
Go Cougs!!

Watched it again and he was short on the run. Refs were correct with the spot. In the 2nd half, Taysom was running those in and should have been given the ball in the first half on the 4th down on the MSU 4.

You are definitely correct on the targeting calls. MSU was targeting our guys. The ESPN crew talked about it several times

I initially thought we were getting shorted on the marks. But I noticed they were doing the same thing to MSU. At least they were consistent.