Was that supposed to be the game to get them ready for WCC play?

If it was, then heaven help us, because outside of the first 8 minutes, that was one sad display of basketball.

Between Mika’s truly stupid fouls and turnovers, this looked like a team that’s about ready to lose half or more of it’s games in a pretty weak all around conference.

Hard to believe that these guys have played 13 games together and haven’t improved one lick since the first game.

I’m not so down on the defense, but the offense is a complete mess, as they continue to play without any rhythm or consistency, unless you count the ongoing bad passes this team comes up with, which they are very consistent in doing. I know individually these guys won awards and all that stuff, but as a team right now, their play is pretty awful.

Unless Rose has some miracle potion in his pocket to change how these guys play together, I’m expecting 7-8 losses in conference, no win in the conference tournament, and an outside shot at the NIT, but with no home games and one and done. Pretty pathetic considering when they started, I really thought this was going to be an NCAA team that had a chance to win a game or two. No hope at all for that to happen - not this year for sure.

Two areas tonight. Turnovers and allowing too many offensive rebounds. Other than that, I disagree with you.
That was the most pressure we will see.
USF just beat U of U. They are very good too.

I’m not sure I’d use the word complete. But it seems like the worst offensive play from a Rose team I can remember without looking at stats. The transition to Inside-Out is harder than the transition in the opposite direction. But harder or not, it feels like its 2 maybe 3 weeks behind where it should be.
The Emory Haws slump combined with the lack of Bryant and the retarded development of Liefson and Beo has got the team far from where it should be.

SMC, San Fran, and Gonzaga will eat this teams lunch.
Santa Clara, Portland and LMU look much more like toss-ups than usual.

Hope I’m wrong but it is looking ugly.

Outside of Mika’s stupid fouls and 21 turnovers, BYU played pretty well. They held CSB to 27% shooting in the first half and would have done the same had Durham not gone all out “video game” mode on them. Emery was in his grill the entire time and he still of those 3s off.

We had a baaaad free throw night as well-63% and a lot of front ends missed. Mika and Childs, ugly.

The turnovers stunk if up for me, Rose-7, Mika 4, Childs and Haws-3 each. I also saw a touch of hero ball out there but then what do you do when Emery hits some long shots and looks all world?

Now for the good stuff…Mika continues to draw fouls at a ridiculous rate, he is unstoppable. ManChilds will have a 20 rebound night before the year is over, Double Double guy just getting better and his FTs were getting better.

Haws is crazy good, with a little of just plain out of control but this is what I watched for years at LP. He would do anything he wanted, whenever and the other teams could not stop him with one, two or even three guys. 5 ast to go with 14, so fun to watch.

Rose had 8 assists on the game. passes the rock so well. love his game.

I thought BYU played some good D at guard, finally so I am encouraged at the guard spot.

We need Kaufusi in the worse way with Davis out and Dastrup not getting time. But I see Kaufusi commiting even more fouls then Mika’s brain farts just because of rust. We get Bryant back and this team could do some things.

As for WCC play, I say, “relax”…you play to your competition’s level.

Bakersfield looked much like all teams in the WCC but GU and SM. The only difference is the other teams won’t out board us except maybe GU and SM.
I really don’t see hero ball out there. I do see some hesitation in the subs to shoot when they have open looks. Probably fear of being pulled out if they take the shots. So, coach has to let them know if they are wide open shoot the ball.
Emery has been very good playing team ball. And Haws, just let him play. He’s begun to figure out the college game. But if he’s going to handle the point he needs to stop dribbling the ball high and out in front where it’s easily picked. Same with Rose. But all three are getting the feel working together.
All the bigs must be looking a lot better than Dastrup in practice. And, why does anyone think Kaufusi can come in and just pick up better than he was last year? Has he been practicing with them? I hope he is happy playing football because he really didn’t do much in football.

I saw the game the way you did. First of all, these Bakersfield kids were really able to pressure the ball and they had really fast hands. It helps explain why they were called for 25 fouls and BYU only had 16 fouls. BYU should have made them pay at the line but we only shot 56% from the line in the second half and only 64% for the game. That, and turnovers is what let them back into the game. BYU had 21 turnovers to their 10 turnovers. They had 11 steals and BYU only had 5. That was their game and they were good at it. BYU out rebounded them 45 to 38 but Bakersfield made up for the rebound disparity with steals.

Rose wanted to see Mika get some good work and have the offense run through him. Mika did a pretty good job of sealing his guy to get the entry pass but any time he brought the ball down, there were hands knifing in from all sides. Mika didn’t adjust his game very well and he seemed to get frustrated a bit. The two offensive fouls were just good defense and bad decision making on his part. Mika was 4-11 from the field which is not good for him. He got to the line but only shot 5-10 which is also way below his average. He had 4 turnovers and 13 pts. It was a sub par game for him.

Childs continues to improve every game. Do you remember how much foul trouble he had at the beginning of the season? He only had 1 foul last night and played 34 minutes. He was 6-8 from the field and only 7-13 from the line. He is getting better at the line but needs to find better consistency. He had 3 TO but also had 4 blocks. He is being consistent and dominating and will be fun to watch become even more dominant.

I like Rose but he really needs to cut down on turnovers. His 8 assists were great but 7 turnovers are too high. Also, if he can get to where he can consistently knock down an open 3 then his game will be solid. He was 1-3 from the arc.

Haws had a solid game. He was 40% from the arc and 4-4 from the line. He had 3 TO but 5 assists so it was a good night for him. He is another guy that seems to be growing each game. He is so fun to watch. I’m looking forward to watching him the next 4 years for sure.

Emery was great last night in my opinion. His defense was solid, he shot the 3 ball well (5-7), he was perfect from the line. Durham was a tough guard and he went through several series where he was on fire. Emery couldn’t have played the ball any better. Durham was their high scorer (22 pts) but Emery held him to 4-13 from the arc.

The one player that didn’t show-up in my opinion was Colby Leifson. He was 0-1 from the arc. I was frustrated with him for not taking shots when he was open. I recall two time when he got the ball late in the shot clock but passed it off to Rose with 5 seconds left. Rose ended up having to take a bad shot to try to beat the clock. Colby is going to lose his minutes if he passes on open looks. That’s why he’s on the floor!

Overall, I can see a lot of good things happening with this team. The 3pt shooting has improved and we had 17 assists. It was a solid win against a good pressure defense.

Well said, Lost on his point production was the fact that Emery and Haws are becoming sound defensive guys… But these CSB guards are small. We suffer when we guard those 6’5 guys and need a Guinn or Bryant to show up

I like where the team is heading. Haws upside is just starting to show and he is a video game to watch. Rose has some moves as well.

CSB gets 18 offensive boards and Coach Rose knows he has a problem when Mika gets in foul trouble…enter Kaufusi. After football, I think we will see a foul a second coming from him until he gets about 10 games under his belt.

Mika 1st year against wcc he would get fouls trouble early. I have said it before that Dave Rose didn’t start Mika till later on in wcc and let other bigs start first. Some 5 minutes later he would insert Mika with some success. I know Mika need to start because he scores mostly first. OR HE NEEDS TO STOP DOING THIS SILLY REACHING OVER STUFF. Childs is doing better in staying out of foul trouble, why can’t Mika figure that out yet.

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It was funny to hear a Kaufusi interview this week about playing basketball. When asked what he will enjoy most about basketball this year, he said something like “blocking a shot and knocking my guy down.” I think he was thinking it would be fun to “one-up” Bronson’s shot on Olynik. I’m wondering if Rose is thinking of Corbin to defend Karnowski this year. He’s not quite as big as Karnowski but he can probably match up pretty well. Will Corbin still be able to move around a jump with the added weight he’s carrying? Rose said Corbin and Bryant will both start practicing on Monday.