Washington In-Game Comments

Oh great another fumble. Trying too much

Or protect the ball. Then we try to do too much on defense.

I’m done with this game. Seesh

Wilson isn’t running either. I think he was hurt last game and he’s been told not to run much. It’s pretty obvious.

Well, this game went downhill fast.

Out of sink.

Better lucky than good

Ok games over in the 3rd quarter. We can dispense with the obvious drivel. This is what happens when a really good team with a really good staff plays BYU. They out execute.

  1. BYU DC in way over his head. Forcing a team to run and giving up mind blowing passing stats is a little self-defeating-
  2. Receivers drop or fumble critical drive killing, momentum busting plays. Wilson deserves better.
  3. Stupid penalties show a lack of discipline and extended drives by Washington, which they took full advantage of.
  4. OC actually called a pretty good game, but couldn’t overcome poor defense play and critical drops and fumbles…
  5. Washington more speed, more talent, but it-should have been closer.
  6. Wilson is way ahead of the curve for a Sophomore
  7. Injuries-what a shame for Williams
  8. Time to move forward-doesn’t get much easier

I said this week that we would have to score in the mid-30’s to have a shot. Scoring in the 30’s would mean we weren’t turning the ball over and having stupid penalties. It would also mean Washington not getting pick 6’s or fumbles for touchdowns. It would mean Washington’s offense wouldn’t be on the field so much. So, what happened?

  1. Wilson was off on his passing.
  2. Wilson was told not to run because he got hurt last week and this threw his rhythm off.
  3. Receivers weren’t reliable as we dropped key passes.
  4. Williams got hurt and instead of giving the next guy more touches we threw too much.

Ya, the defense looked slow and beat up. But, the offense needed to produce and they didn’t.

Wilson was 26 /42 almost 300 yds his int was when his receiver fell down. He had numerous drops. Like everyone else not sure what game you are watching

Oh, he wasn’t close on his long passes. Most of the time he needed to throw to the outside shoulder but didn’t and was way off. The Bushman touchdown was a fluke. Better lucky than good. Got sacked and fumbled for a touchdown. Yes, numerous passes were dropped primarily because the timing was off or the ball thrown too hard. There was something wrong with his motion as well. He “armed” many throws. I wonder what game you were watching.

You mentioned injuries. When you have 4 straight brutal P5 in start of the season can hurt your team getting pounded. Now we face the next 8 G5 football games playing hurt or done with the season = no fun but hopefully many wins. It was fun beating Tenn & USC and we are 2-2 and not 0-4.

Next year will be more brutal: @Utah, Mich. State, @ASU, @Minnesota, USU, Missouri, Houston, @Northern Ill, N. Alabama, @Boise, sdsu and @Stanford.

6 P5 and 4 very good G5 on our schedule. I like on our schedule for 2020 = how much injuries?

Toledo is next on the road next week - hopefully we will be ready and play smart

Next year is tough! I hope we find another great running back to transfer in and stay healthy. Not sure what we have at receivers but we will be good there too. Wilson will be a Junior and better prepared.

Injuries hurt the defense. But, as I mentioned to the nasty Fish, we just have to outscore opponents. 35 would have given us a chance today. Too many mistakes.

The Wash. defender did a dirty hit with his helmet on Williams’ knee. I don’t know for sure the rule, but shouldn’t that be some kind of penalty?

Should be a penalty as you describe it. Why do it to harm someone long term health. Brian Suite at USU was a dirty player that took out Taysom Hill twice. In later time will Taysom going to have a long term chronic pain like Luke Staley?

I see your expertise is lacking in football as well as basketball-no problem-it’s just a game-more important things in life than sports or trying to converse logically with you on this board. I will join the list of non-respondents. Have a good day!

You are the least humble person I’ve known. Only your opinion counts. That’s why you list things numerically. The obvious doesn’t matter. And when you are challenged you revert back to childhood antics. If you went back and watched the USC game versus the Washington game and looked for what I’m saying you would have to agree. But, your lack of humility won’t allow it. You never debate points of view. Why not take each of my points and actually explain why you disagree. You only attack personally when challenged. Just like Thawk.

Now you are catching on! Glad to see you continuing to progress. :rofl:

:muscle: well I really like reading the comments of the vast majority of the people who post on this board. It allows me to evaluate my own takes on what’s happening with BYU athletics and make an accurate assessment of what’s happening and what the future might hold. I have little tolerance for idiocy, though, and really no time to waste on people trying to be “cute”. As it happens I was able to watch Virginia play yesterday and was curious how Mendenhall’s team, being nationally ranked, was doing. They were playing Old Dominion, and frankly the first half, I thought Virginia sucked and they were trailing by 10 at the break. Virginia in the 2nd half started stacking the box and using a variety of blitz packages. It completely changed the game and OD failed to score in the 2nd half and Virginia won going away. It’s why I commented that BYU’s DC may be in over his head as they seem unable or reluctant to change their defensive schemes when needed. My assessment maybe right or wrong, but it’s nice to get takes from most others about what they saw

Bronco was an excellent defensive mind. He could take a better team out of system with average talent on the defensive side. Unfortunately as good as he was on defense, he was equally as bad on offense and talent evaluation. BTW, I see Ziggy is good to go with the Seahawks. They will be happy with him … speaking of Broncos lack of upside vision.

I was hestitant to jump on the BYU FB band wagon because they need to prove to themselves and the fans that they can play equally good football throughout the season. I still think they are making progress, but Sitake has to let his friend go. The defense is just not going to consistently compete with the schemes and alignments shown this year or last year or the year before.