Wasn't 2-2 the hope?

As I remember, everyone in here was going to be happy if we were 2-2 at this point? Now, everyone wants the coach’s hide?
Yes, we looked lethargic yesterday. We hope that that’s the last time this year we see that kind of effort.

Do you remember a more poorly called offensive game or plan… ever in the history of BYU football?

2-2 is pretty irrelevant. I think people would be fine with 2-2 if the team had shown up and competed on Saturday.


Yesterday is an example of not having a tight end attack. Michigan’s defense was perfect for our offense and our lack of effort from our WRs.

That is my consternation - the total and complete domination by Michigan, not the loss itself. And the problem was the entire team, all coaches and by far most of the players.

1-3 was the hope, but when you are 2-0 and play 5 qtrs of terrible football in a row, you have to demand more from Bronco.

But he uses that same mentality, to him 2-2 is acceptable and finishing 8-4 or 7-5 when you start 2-0 is a success for him. Some of us simply want a program that doesn’t accept mediocrity, but wants coaches who prepare for each game like it is the most important thing they do that week.

But I can understand your casual approach, it’s something I have embraced, lower expectations to meet Broncos own expectations is the way more fans should be. The less invested fan is the happier fan when it comes to BYU athletics.

So, they did 17% better and you react with a hypocritical temper tantrum. They have one bad game out of the 4 and off with their head!
I just want to know what was up with Magnum.

No. It was shameful. On both sides. it’s like Bronco showed up with no earthly idea that Michigan would run power and then PA to the TE in the middle of the field. Total, complete lack of preparation. And we quit in the 2nd quarter.

Tantrum? I’m not upset at all, they have exceeded my expectations already, it’s what happened when fans are no longer invested. Just roll with it.

But no, it’s not just one bad game, it’s a team that is 2 miracles away from starting 0-4, so we should be happy they most likely now will be bowl eligible.

And Mangum is not only not yet in football shape, he is beat up beyond belief. He can’t practice a full week because of the beatings he has taken in every game so far, we are lucky he is still standing and hopefully the softer part of the schedule we are able to protect him enough to keep him from getting injured. Kid has been more than impressive, and without him, this team is 0-4 no doubt.

Well, 31-0 at half time and 31-0 at the end of the game. I don’t see anyone gave up. The offense continued to perform ineptly the same in the second half. The defense stopped their offense in the second half. What was wrong with Mangum and the receivers. Lethargic!

There wasn’t anyone open, our WRs lack athleticism to beat man coverage. And they lack the ability to play physical, Jim knew it, and coached his guys up perfectly. And the second half was more about them running the clock out than out D stopping them. There was nothing positive from that game.

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By “quit” I don’t mean our kids quit caring or quit trying. I meant that our team quit thinking they had a chance to win. We all saw it. Mid second quarter. They knew as well as you or I that we had zero chance to come back, because Michigan had a game plan and we didn’t. How many times did the announcers mention it? And that almost NEVER happens.

Our high school team got upset by a long-time rival.
Oregon State hammered.
BYU embarrassed.
Oregon curb-stomped by Utah.
Easily worst football weekend of my life. Ugh…you are right, there was nothing positive.

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Interesting how you have refused to respond to my comments… I think it’s because you know I am right and that has left you with nothing to say. While I acknowledge that Bronco makes plenty of mistakes and more than once has not had the team prepared to compete. We’ve seen it against other teams in the past but the Michigan game was perhaps the worst example in 10 years. That being said…

Your stubborn refusal to hold Anae accountable for anything, even going so far as to blame Bronco for rehiring him, is bizarre. To claim that the WR’s lack athleticism to beat man coverage is ridiculous. Had RA tried anything different, besides the same old stuff, I guarantee something would have worked. His inability to adjust, his lack of creativity, etc. all played a role in the loss. BYU has plenty of athletic wide receivers who have made some pretty incredible catches this season. Is it selective memory or have you just forgotten what happened in the first 3 games? I guess Nebraska, Boise State and UCLA just don’t have the same caliber of “athletes” that Michigan does. LOL!

If you would stop trying to make the actual game fit your preconceived belief system and try looking at it from an analytical perspective it would open your mind and allow you to see what is really going on. :wink:

I disagree that they quit. Certainly not the defense as they adjusted at half time. And I disagree Mangum didn’t have time to throw. He did. But, he was so off that several passes were wobbling ducks!

I have been skeptical and critical of Bronco ever since he let Riley Nelson lead the team. That decision proves winning wasn’t the most important thing to him.

Has Bronco and Anae achieve tenure?

There is no tenure at BYU. What they do have as coaches is contracts more than one year.

I hold his boss accountable for the issues, Robert is the reason we won at least 2 games, without him we would be 0-4

Bronco yes, Robert no

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I said that with sarcasm.