Wazzou Predictions

LOL, he was pretending to be you not making a statement ABOUT you. :rofl:

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Nice try. Everyone knows his motive and personal attacks.

So you are saying we are the champs of the weakest link, er…league

Utah is down, USC is down and Oregon blew it big time against Stanford. As a whole, There is no way the P12 will rep the playoffs.

They are still P5 league and very even across the board this year. Doesn’t mean they are the weakest. No scholarly effort there. BYU is 4-1 against P5’s. No reason to bash that great effort.

Hey if BYU beats USC they should proclaim themselves PAC 12 south champs.

I would have to look it up but I am pretty sure the Mountain West has a winning record against the PAC12. Nevada beat California, USU beat WSU, Fresno beat UCLA, San Diego St beat Utah.

BYU should make a trophy, Pac 12 champs. Not saying much for the P 12. you are correct, I snooped around and Oregon took out FSU the first week but the Mtn has the upper hand this year. USU took out WSU the first week. Hawaii has lost to UCLA and OrSU.

First week victories or losses aren’t a predictor for week 5 or 8 or 12. WSU has won its last 3 games before losing to BYU.
Right now, we sit on top of a P5 conference 4-0. To say the PAC12 is weaker than a G5 is laughable. The fact is, we belong in a P5. We won Saturday with many starters out on defense. We are much deeper this year. You just don’t want to give BYU coaches props for the good year we are having and had last year. Why?

Because the team isn’t that good and mostly it is on the coaches. You could tell listening to Sitake after the game. Yeah, they got the win but it wasn’t a great win it was another grind it out squeaker that could have gone either way. You know that, you’re just trying to throw out a line and troll people.

Great win. That’s the name of the game, just win! Keep winning Cougars! Don’t listen to the mudslingers and doubting Thomas’s.