WCC Officiating

60 fouls in 40 minutes, resulting in almost unwatchable basketball. Big Nose and the young dark-haired guy have to make every call as if the world depends on watching their histrionics. They should be embarrassed, but they have no shame. The lowest of the low in sports officiating–IMHO–is when the officials’ egos are so inflated that they actually believe they are superior to the players and thus the game needs them to dictate every instant of play. That could have been a fun, competitive game to watch, between two average, well-matched teams. Instead it was a mockery of all that is good and beautiful about basketball.

Calling a foul on BYU when the Pacific guy kicks his leg straight out, calling a foul on Pacific when Haws jumps straight forward into the defender, the absolutely unbelievable shooting foul at the end against Emery, the shooting foul against Pacific when Worthington had already lost the ball on the way up, way before contact, and about 30 pure touch fouls, when the touch had zero impact on the play–all examples of officials who are out to show that the game is about them and their power over the outcome. It was DISGUSTING for me to watch.

I didn’t subscribe espnu but listen to the game. That last or 2nd last foul, I can’t remember which BYU player got called. Greg Wrubell was questioning about the call and then few seconds later BYU fans got really Vocal disagreeing on the call. Because there was no contact when a ref saw something in a different angle. What was that? But that player shooting free throw missed that one shot and we were still ahead by 1 with less than a minute in the game.

So this Big Nose was officiating the game. Why why why him?

Big nose loves BYU and the Church. So, he probably asks to do all of BYU’s games.
Yes, there are too many touch fouls. Basketball is a finesse game and no contact is supposed to be made. But, every offensive player jumps into the defender and gets the call. Most of the time, both players are making the contact at the same time. Let the play go. Only call the foul is the defender hacks the shooter’s arm or the offensive player pushes off. Too many fouls even in the pros.

It’s ABOUT BLEEPING TIME that a major Utah newspaper writes a satire to lambast the embarrassing officiating in this league. Credit to Harmon and the DN editors for being willing to roast these officials like this:

The officiating in this league is worse than ANY high school game I’ve ever seen…why? Because HS refs almost never have big enough egos to be WANT to ruin the game for all of the players, the coaches, and the fans. You could put a HS crew out there and they would do a better job than these clowns. Thanks again Harmon for FINALLY calling it like it is.

This problem is universal. I watched a little of the USF vs. St. Mary’s game and Bennett complained every time a ref ran past him. I kept wondering why he was doing this and then toward the end of the game I understood as the officials made several calls against USF that were horrible, but allowed St. Mary’s to get back into the game. They were down by 12 or so and a few minutes later they were down by 3 and then tied it up. USF was able to get control back as they were clearly the better team and ultimately win the game but the officials did their best to help St. Mary’s and I think it was because of Bennett and his constant complaining. He saw that as his only chance and it nearly worked.

It is a shame… BYU plays St. Mary’s next and I don’t see how BYU doesn’t get hammered by the officiating. If the officials don’t call the game in St. Mary’s favor, Bennett will be fuming.

Sorry Tom, but this is not true… having officiated games where officials thought they were “God” is a common occurrence in high school and other levels of sports… I have personally seen it.

I think you comments about the WCC officials is spot on though.

I was fuming by the end of the game. Big has screwed us so many times. As Jim mentioned, I am in fear of what we will get in the SMC game.

Why? Big Nose going to be at the game tonight sticking his nose for BYU vs SMC game? I hope not. He ruined the game last year at SMC place. against BYU.