WCC tournament... let's hope it gets better

Did anybody watch last night’s games? I didn’t see the Pepperdine vs. Pacific game but it was pretty low scoring and the Waves had to make a comeback. I did watch some of the USD vs. Portland game and it was interesting, mostly the start of the second half. USD was up 34-30 at the half and after 8 minutes it was 39-30. I could only think I hope nobody is watching, they will think the wcc is a joke. Portland finally made their first point on a free throw at about the 9 min. mark.

Is the format the same as it has always been?

It seems to give a big advantage to the top 2 seeds as they only play a max. of 2 games to win it all, right?

Anyhow I don’t think BYU’s chances of winning are very good but isn’t that how it is every year?

BYU will play a team who is playing their 3rd game in a row. That gives BYU the edge.
With respect to SD and Portland, Portland is just horrible and SD didn’t look that great either. Sometimes teams play to the lower level of their competition. We should make it to the semi-finals with one game under our belt. SM will be game rusty waiting 9 days from their last game.

personal note here, I kinda think that a team that has played a game or two has the advantage because they get the feel of the arena and where lighting is, speaking strictly about 3s and long shots.