WCC tourny BYU needs to win

BYU needs to win two games in Vegas. Presumably SDU and SMC. When I looked at the NIT bracket, SMC is a 1 seed, in fact, the top #1 seed, so a win would jump BYU up a few spots. SF is a 3 seed but I think this NIT bracket came out before they imploded so who knows where they will land. BYU is a #6 seed.

Utah is nowhere to be seen but for travel purposes, I think we will be seeing some P12 matchups…overrated.

Go Cougs

Texas, at 16-13 overall, is a #7 seed. Here are others… Wisconsin is a #5 seed at 20-9. Clemson and Alabama (gotta have the NC football schools in there too) at 17-12 are both #12 seeds. Ohio St. at 18-11 and Florida at 17-12 are both in as #10 seeds.

I think it’s clear what march madness is all about. Getting as many big money, big fan base schools in as possible in an effort to push the huge (advertising) audience that will watch the games. That is where the ncaa (and tv networks) will make money on this madness.

It truly is madness in our society, this obsession with money. The haves continue to lavish themselves with more and more while the have nots continue to get pushed aside into the abyss… in all venues and societal situations.

latest has BYU as a #3 seed in the NIT. A few wins could help the cause greatly.

That makes another year and no ncaa invite… I guess I am glad BYU is going to the NIT.

As I said in a thread long ago, Rose needs to retire. I will never be happy with a NIT invite, Not with the Marriott and the ESPN contract, not with a world wide web of talent to draw from.

BYU should be winning championships and going to the big dance every stinking year. 20 win seasons don’t mean squatttttttttt. Not in the rec league.

So, yeah, I looked at the seeding and BYU’s chances but by no means am I happy with it.

Hopefully, we can make some noise in the NIT.