We win a game and have over 500 yards of offense

But, I saw Mangum start out well but revert to the short passes. Also, he bounced a few passes too. SJS was just very weak. Fresno St. Won’t be. More injuries too.
Interesting that the Hall 75 yard run was off the left side. Adter that, we never ran to that side again. I don’t get it.

Interesting things I heard on the Tube…

  1. Tanner was told he was on a short leash, if he does not produce, he will not play.
  2. BYU has not had the same RB starting two weeks in a row. mostly due to injury.
  3. 13 of BYU starters are hurt right now, as a team they have 35 players injured.


#3 is something we’ve been saying for a while. Seems to be a problem in basketball too. Strength training??!

BYU is ranked #17 in the bottom 25 Division 1 football team. This is what they have to say about it.17 BYU
“Ever wonder what it would look like to watch a drunk baby try to walk? Just watch the BYU offense. It can’t be much different. (24)”

I’m not asking for public answers to these questions. Instead, I want the athletes to talk to their coaches and give them the answers to the following questions

These questions are to those players that have been playing for us for at least 2 years and especially those that have played for us 3-4 years.

  1. When we had 8-10 wins before, (per season);
    A.) Did we have better players?
    B.) Did we have better coaches?
    C.) Did we have better defensive plays?
    D.) Did we have better offensive plays?

  2. What suggestions would you have to our existing coaches?

  3. What suggestions would you have to our existing players?

  4. What summary, if any, could you offer to the public?

I still fully support our existing coaching staff and players. I want them to stay with us.
I want the coaches and the players to get better. I want coaches and players to use the
rest of this season to get things worked out and come back strong next season.
Go Cougs.