Weber State, was supposed to be a tough close game

Instead we had a blowout. BYU was outstanding from long range. While Barcello have been our only player that consistently hit over 40% from deep. In this game Knell, Johnson, Knight, Lucas all hit 50% or better. Barcello had 5 points in the 1st half, hit 5-6 from deep and tied his best scoring game of his career.

19 assisted shots, 8 steals, wow.

8 free throws has me concerned; this is the second game in a row that BYU has gone to the line so few times. Getting the other team’s stars in foul trouble is an important aspect of the game that ALWAYS plays out in tournament time and BYU is failing in that regard.

Not sure I like Atiki as a starter, what happened to Foos as our 5?

I do like that Pope has started Knell lately, he is a flame thrower when he is hitting shots.

Now off to Hawaii. Go Courgs

He’s just trying to find his starters and rotation to keep his big man, Fousse, out of foul trouble in the 2nd half. Does that make sense?

Atiki needs playing time to get use to the speed of the game and how it’s different than practice.

Lohner looked better and now just has to not rush his shots. If we shoot like this from 3’s teams will have to go small ball where we will have the advantage.

My concern is the shooting percentage of layups and midrange shots. That has to improve.

The few number of free throws isn’t a concern if we make a high percentage of shots. Just means we are getting open shots.