Welcome to california

You can check out but you can never leave!

California stimulus package includes checks for illegal immigrants | Fox Business

Why can’t California just slide into the Pacific ocean?

That’s in the movies. It would actually slide north or south.

slide south and become a Mexican state - pleeeeeeeze. :pleading_face: :mask:

I think that’s happening anyways. Biden is pushing it along.

Thought I would never say it - but go, go, go Biden for this one effort.

Here’s the challenge with this. We’ve seen a huge number of California’s also migrating to other states that used to be “red” states. They flee from the chaos, high taxation, high regulations and other socialist and communist changes by the Democrats in the state legislature and governor offices. But, they get to these red states and who do they help get elected? Democrat liberals or Romney republicans who are doing the same destructive changes in those red states that they have done in blue states. Now, they are purple-blue (Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Utah is a changing).
The south of the boarder migrants coming into California are chasing liberal Californians out to other states. You would think they would stay because they are so good and loving to migrant people in need. But, we know it’s not the Republicans that are racist. It’s the Democrats. (Most of them, not all).

We are trying to recall our governor right now. There are enough signatures but I don’t know where it is in the process. Some of us are trying but it is very frustrating because this state is full of people who have stopped using their common sense/brain.