Well, that didn't take too long


I guess our sisters who organized a year or so ago asking for this, have had some of their prayers answered. First praying in conference, and now this. Nice to see the brethren listen to the sisters of the church and inquire of the Lord, listen, and bring about some long awaited changes. You may not agree with the methods used, or all of the questions asked, but it’s refreshing to see once again how revelation only comes when a question is asked. Proud of the brethren over this, the changing of the guard has brought about some positive changes. More on the way from what I am told.

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KC: Being you know so much, when is BYU getting into a P-5 conference. You have predicted it with your inside information numerous times.

2017 season looks to be the time table at this time

How many times was the question asked regarding all worthy male members of the church receiving the priesthood?

Many, many times before the Lord decided it was the right time.

How many times has the question regarding the approval of same sex marriage been asked?

Many, many times before and after the family proclamation (revelation) was given.

Why do you think the push for women receiving the priesthood by an apostate (group) is what caused some of the changes happening currently?

Perhaps it is nothing more than a test of your faith… maybe?

And why do you always portray yourself as being in the know or having inside information on everything? Is that a reaction formation thing?

Methods used? Are you saying that Satan led apostate women forced The Godhead to make these changes? Are you saying Satan leads the Church?