Well.... there ya go!

You should have paid more attention also instead of day dreaming all the time😎

Had a great time at BYU! Even did well in class! That’s because I have class. You should try some. :sunglasses:

The problem was you never wore your glasses so you never knew what class you were in🤤

Funny how the discussion evolved from BYU to Landale to grasshooper making his irrelevant comments. I think this is more of a commentary on the sad state of BYU basketball since they entered the wcc than anything else.

Oh, and Sundance hasn’t been egging this conversation on. Much like you do when someone disagrees with your conspiracy theories and illogical conclusions :rofl:

How would you know? But, here’s a funny story. I had forgotten my athletic rubber frame plastic lense Sports glasses for an intramural basketball game. So, I called my wife to bring them to me. She reached in the drawer and grabbed what she thought were the sports glasses. As we just got started I grabbed the glasses case and put on the glasses. Everyone started cracking up. She had brought one of those crazy x-ray glasses I had bought for Holloween as a prank. It was great! Vance Law was on our team that year. Was in our ward.

Lol that’s funny-you remember those things for a lifetime!!! BYU had great intramural programs. I have an autographed baseball from his dad Vern

Congratulations…Vance attended my baptism too. You really are petty. Are you sure you aren’t female on your period?

Nah never had that inkling-sorry-have a Reggie Jackson and Harmon Killebrew also🤗

I used to have Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. Sold them a long time ago. I have a history plaque of Willie Mays with signed signature my son gave me for my birthday. Very expensive and very :sunglasses:

Super😎 yeh I used to have a Mantle and Aaron card, but they are long gone except for the memories. My dad was a huge Yankee fan but I was a huge White Sox fan-good times