Well, there you go!

So much for an older more mature team, AGAIN!!!

A 7 and 6 record with yet another loss to Utah.

My last time watching or listening to BYU FB games after 45 years.

Good luck to you folks. 3 more years of Sitake.

Yep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory-good job coaches

Until next year! Now, to basketball!

BYU was playing 4th qtr. not to loooooose like what we have seen for how long? And Zac Wilson did it again INTERCEPTIONS.

Again, Merry Christmas


My last post on this board. Happy and safe 2020 y’all.

Follow basketball. We have good coaching there.

Yes, I am already looking at our next game against Oral Roberts and start of wcc games. And yes, Mark Pope is doing very good for this BYU Basketball team.

I also thought the refs and review persons were one sided.

Fire the whole coaching staff.

Wilson belongs at Utah.

Typical Wilson. 3 turnovers about par

Third and 2 yards and we throw it. After Alger was busting these guys for 10 yards a carry. I want some coaches fired I am so sick of this team I’m sick of Wilson and his cough ups when he’s under any kind of pressure

Lol-I’m sick of bone-headed play calls-3rd and 2 it should have been Algiers straight up the middle with Wilson right behind him and 300 lb linemen leading the way-game over-even if he doesn’t make it -it runs the clock down to a minute and completely changes everything Hawaii has to do. Despite the absolutely horrible defense the first half, we should have won this game. I can deal with players screwing up, but coaches doing it is hard to take. They better bring in a new DC and someone to teach Wilson to look off his receivers or I might be watching Oregon and BSU next year, though, Harsin is starting to make me wonder too. Absolutely no excuses-please!

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3 more years of Kalani-he better send his buddy pscking

Well, the first interception went through the receiver’s hands. Should have caught the ball or at least knocked it down. The second I felt Wilson was expecting Bushman to stay in front of the defender. Instead, Bushman drifted back and let the defender inside him. The fumble was just trying to do too much. Give it to Algiers 3 times.

McChesney made a false start. So, they take him out and never gets back in. 228 yards in one game. Katoa gets hurt.

Too much platooning. Stick with the best players on the field longer. Algiers pulled himself out. He ran two or three good runs. Not enough to be tired. He should have been in more.

Sitake should not have been extended until the end of the season. His performance these last two games is nothing short of shameful. We get shredded by SDSU’s freshman QB making his first start, then make UH QB look like a future HOF. Sitake doesn’t have the guts or the brains to fire his cousin. I also have a strong suspicion that Lamb, and not Sitake, is calling the shots. When Taysom Hill did this to Texas, the DC was fired THAT VERY SAME NIGHT. I love Kalani as a person, but he and Holmoe need to start doing more than just talking. I’ll leave it at that for now and not get into the many reasons I think that Wilson is our third best QB. Gunner Romney didn’t play—don’t know why—and Baylor Romney should join enter the transfer portal.

This type of loss is hard on a program. It was a loss that should have been a win. There is no way around it and it is discouraging to boosters. Anyone that has a clue about athletics, can see that something needs to be done to turn this program around and right the ship. If not, the football :football: program will continue to drive frustrated fans to other venues and that’s a shame, given the programs history.

We are all frustrated. The play calling has been hard to swallow for years now. But the reason why students go to BYU is because they feel they should be there. I was a non-member when I first attended and that’s how I felt. It was where I should be. Romney’s feel that way too. Wilson does too. And who are we to say to the Holy Ghost he is wrong.

Now, back to football. Grimes has the players to put points on the board. He really needs to study over the next several months on how to score touchdowns inside the 5 yard line. The redzone too but how many times have we been 1st or 2nd and goal inside the 5 and not scored a touchdown? 505 total yards and only 31 points. We should have had 3 or 4 more touchdowns.

To the defense, most of the games we held the opponent’s offenses to very few points. Last night, for some reason, we waited for halftime to make adjustments. Then we held them to no touchdowns until the last couple of minutes when we reverted back to what we did in the first half. Why??? Prevent a win defensive zone? Why??? Even then, we should have put up 50 points in Hawaii and should have won. 3 times inside the 5 yardline. Our defense did well in most of the games. Eliminate the turnovers and we are 11-2 this year. Can Wilson do it injury free to work on everything during the off-season? The big question.

What other venues? Basketball? Okay. Another team? Really? I know we are frustrated with how we lose. But why push apostasy against our team? Not going to happen. Looking back:
Defense- Teams didn’t exactly run up points on us. We helped give points to teams with pick 6’s and good field position due to turnovers. Meaning, the defense isn’t that bad. Especially with what, 4 freshman linebackers and DBs?
Offense- redzone play calling is still an issue. Especially inside the 5 yardline. Even some of the running plays called are strange inside the 5. Wilson has to learn to not force the ball into double coverage and look for other open receivers. Shumway was open on the left side for a 15 yard gain at the end.
Field goals- Another missed field goal may have cost us another game. With 3 more points we would not have needed to score a touchdown at the end and maybe the play calling is different on our last drive. Oldroyd has the leg. With an entire off-season, he should be able to work on his accuracy and concentration.
Coaches- With the schedule we have next year, changing coaches would be catastrophic. Especially the offense. But even the defense, we simply need to see the coaches make adjustments quicker like teams do to us. All coaches need to attend coaching clinics as students, not teachers.

Ok I’m only going to say this once and then it will be peace on earth good will to men. My guess is you have never played a down of organized football :football: in your life. Your posts are usually simplistic . Things like if it wasn’t for turnovers we would be 11-2 or the defense hasn’t given up that many points, so it hasn’t been that bad. If you had ever run a pass route in your life, you would understand the difficulty of a ball thrown behind you. The gist is-it was a poor throw and it just as well could have been tipped and intercepted as well. The 2nd interception Wilson was locked on his receiver the entire time-didn’t look anywhere else. Makes the defense’s job a ton easier. The essence of rushing 3 and dropping 8 is to thwart the passing game and forcing the run-take away the strength of the offense, which in McDonalds case is the pass. If you have ever watched McDonald the past two years you would know he has the most trouble when he is constantly picking himself off the turf. In a pass prevent type of defense he threw for 500 yards-not good and we have been getting shredded like that all year. I know that people don’t like to respond to your posts mostly because you are vindictive and hard headed, but I am responding this once, not to be critical but to get you to understand football or any athletics-turnovers or penalties or a dozen different aspects are part of the entire game-they determine whether you are a successful program or an unsuccessful one. BYU has done well with probably average athletic ability by being innovative and by playing “smart” football-they need to continue that trend to get back to playing BYU football. It’s kind of like basketball-you were a Rose apologist-while everyone else saw the need to change the apparatus-now we are going in a better direction and fans are getting back on the bandwagon. Have a happy new year