What a game, too bad for Kentucky

It would have been nice to see them win it all and go undefeated, but Wisconsin played a heck of a game, got some key calls there way down the stretch, and capitalized on them. Great finish!!!

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Kentucky is one of those programs that makes a complete mockery of the concept of the student athlete. They recruit 5 McDonald’s All Americans every year and most of them are gone to the NBA after one or two seasons. All they are is a farm team for the NBA. Every program Calipari has ever coached got put on probation. When a program can load up on blue chippers the way Kentucky does you have to figure something is rotten in Denmark. They have always been loaded with blue chippers but under Calipari it is ridiculous. You look at that starting lineup. The front line at 7’, 6’11", and 6’10" and all very skilled and two very skilled 6’6" guards. The talent level is ridiculous and the top bench players are nearly as good as the starters. Nobody can load up on talent like that unless those kids are getting paid by somebody and I am not talking about their scholarships.

I don’t know how many of the Wisconsin players are McDonald’s All Americans but I would bet no more than a few of them and they seem to hang around for four years. Watching a team like Wisconsin win big gives me hope that BYU can someday make a final four.The talent BYU can recruit is a lot closer in talent to Wisconsin than it will ever be to Kentucky.

I honestly love to see the Kentuckys in basketball, and the Alabamas in football, lose. Their players are not student athletes. Their players are generally full time athletes and marginal part time students. They are college athletic programs in name only.

Have you watched Wisconsin ever? Nothing about them is close to BYU, except they have white guys, is that what you mean? If they can do it with whites, so can we??? Please tell me this is a joke???

What I mean is that Wisconsin’s players aren’t one and done rent a jocks like Kentucky’s and their roster isn’t packed with McDonald’s All Americans. In case you didn’t notice their top players were juniors and seniors. Kaminsky didn’t start until last year. They have proven you don’t have to recruit a bunch of one and done HS McDonald’s All Americans to win.

The calls went both ways down the stretch and simply poor officiating.

Wisconsin had the experience and poise to beat more athletically talented players. Wisconsin got a couple of questionable calls late but Kentucky got a couple about midway through the 2nd half. The officiating didn’t favor either team but wasn’t all that good considering the magnitude of the game. I don’t think Kentucky can blame the refs. Wisconsin was the better team even though Kentucky had more athletically gift players. If most of the Kentucky players stayed in school even to their junior year nobody would beat them. I have never seen a team with that much size that was so skilled and athletic. Their two starting guards were 6’6" and the front line averaged 6’11". They had more size and more quickness but Wisconsin was better coached, more disciplined, more experienced, and more poised. They also had some talent but a lot of it has been developed through outstanding coaching. I would like to know how many guys on their roster were top 100 recruits.

I went on ESPN out of curiosity to see how many top 100 recruits Wisconsin has signed since 2011 and they have signed 4. They signed Kaminsky, Dekker, Hayes & a player named Jared Uthoff who now plays for Iowa. BYU has signed 4 since 2011. They have signed Mika, TJ Haws, Nick Emery & Dastrup. So I would say BYU has the capability to do what Wisconsin has done. You can also look at Butler who went to championship games in 2010-2011 without McDonald’s All Americans. We have every reason to be optimistic. BYU is getting the players now and just needs to coach them to their potential and keep them for 3-4 years and there is no reason they can’t have some great teams.

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Be as optimistic as you like, the road to anything for BYU goes through Gonzaga. That fact will not change. As such, if anyone believes that BYU will get an objective chance at winning the conference or wcc tournament and getting a good seed for the ncaa tournament they are mistaken.

BYU will have to fight for everything and earn it above and beyond what would reasonably be expected. Perhaps that fact will help them but it is a tall task to unseat Gonzaga in the wcc as the Bulldogs have been riding that favoritism train for a long time now. It won’t matter how good or bad they are, the conference title is theirs to lose and it won’t be easy for BYU to win it.

I hear what you are saying. I was responding to more of KC Black’s nonsense. We are getting recruits right now that have comparable ratings to players that Wisconsin gets. I never said BYU was on their level yet and they may never be. Read my initial response to him and then read his immediate comment. The fact is that Wisconsin isn’t getting recruits rated much higher than the ones we get. Neither of us are getting the one year rent a jocks that Kentucky gets. All I am saying is that we are getting really good high school players. How that translates in the coming years remains to be seen but if BYU fails to excel it won’t be for lack of talent. Basketball isn’t like football where you need a lot of blue chip recruits to win big. In basketball all it takes is 2 or 3 at any one time and there are enough of those out that there that BYU is getting that the potential is there to do some big things.

I am actually tickled that Wisconsin beat Kentrucky and I hope they beat Duke as well. I would like to see Kentucky get nailed by the NCAA like every other program that Calipari has coached.

The championship game was Duke’s all along. Coach K is the master of setting up the situation to give his team the advantage when it matters and he took full advantage of the officials in this game.

Duke hacked their way to victory in the first half, it was the same strategy he used against Gonzaga. Duke commits lots of fouls in the first half as the officials are trying to set the tone and the way the game will be called. Many of his key players get in “foul trouble” with 2 fouls early and they sit… and Coach K works the officials. Duke keeps the game close and then he gets the calls in the second half. Duke committed 5 times the fouls that Wisc. did in the first half but didn’t get called for all of them because the refs are trying to get into a flow as well.

If anybody remembers, Duke was in the double bonus early on in the second half and Wisconsin never even got to the bonus at all. Duke was the beneficiary of every single marginal or questionable call. That is the magic of being Duke and having the legendary Coach K as your head man.

How can anybody (announcers, officials, etc.) go against the guy who coached the olympic team and has 35 years as the head coach of the almighty Duke?

College basketball is not that far behind the nba at this point in time… and that is disappointing.

I used to be a big Duke fan when their players hung around 4 years and were student athletes like Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, and Grant Hill. I think coach K has figured out that if your want to win championships these days you have to load up on the rent-a-jocks like he has the past few years. Unfortunately big time college athletics has become a farm system for the pros. The super jocks come out of HS and play one year and then go pro. Teams like Gonzaga and Wisconsin are good because they get guys just below the rent-a-jock tier, coach them up, and keep them 3-4 years, but they will eventually get beat by the teams loaded with elite talent that is less experienced but more athletic and physically skilled.

I would like to see the farce ended. Just let the super duper diaper babies (a little â– â– â– â–  Vitale) go straight to the NBA right out of HS and stop the charade. Most of the Duke and Kentucky stars are in school to play ball and that is it. Just let them go pro right out of HS and get real money for their services like Koby Bryant, Moses Malone, Kevin Garnett, and Darrell Dawkins did.

Well, you have to remember that Kentucky, Duke and a few others rarely keep players that play most of the games more than one year. One and done. Do we want to become like them? To have one a year would be really awesome! Jabari would have been fun to watch for a year.

And, I don’t think this would hurt the college game at all. You realize the great John Wooden started all this when he let Marques Johnson start as a freshman. Before that, freshman didn’t play varsity basketball. I’d like to see that happen again. And, the NBA stop recruiting underclassman. Let them get some education.

And any General Authority who drives a Mercedes is wicked. You and KC have somethings in common :wink:

In order for BYU to compete at the level of Wisconsin they need to get into a P-5 conference and have a better coaching staff and have more diversity on the team. BYU needs more and better bigs and has to learn how to play consistent defense, In short, BYU is a long way off from the Final Four. Let’s start by getting into a better conference and then maybe we can recruit more than the “bigs” from Lone Peak High School.


In a way BYU has a sort of “one and done” or short spurts of players presence due to the mission coming and going and coming back. So to me BYU in this day and age doesn’t have it much worse than ohter “one and done” teams. BYU is really the master of “one and done” in the NCAA tourney except one in a while, like with the Jimmer and the Ainge eras, et. al.

I agree with you grasshopper, even the great Lew Alsindor, had to play freshman ball. When he played freshman ball, the fans would pack Pauley Pavillion for the “Brew Baes,” as the UCLA freshman were called in Alsindor’s time. If you remember, the freshman games were the preliminary game to the varsity game. It was always a fun double-header. Even at BYU I enjoyed watching guys like Roger Reid, etc.
Bring it back! Sorry, in this era of money grubbing I don’t think it will ever happen again. Too bad!