What about Krysto at Utah

He has had a good year. Got slaughered in the final with Oregon. 88 to 57. Utah looses a lot of people to graduation and probably Poeltl to early NBA. Do you think that Krysto will cut and run after this season. He stopped the games with BYU. Feelings between the schools are as bad as they have ever been. Utah legislature is doing an audit on Utah sports. They will not do well next year. I would hate to perpetuate a rumor but I would not be suprised if Krysto left Utah after this year.
I don’t know about his contract but contracts don’t seem to matter to him anyway. What do you think on this subject? Will Krysto leave for a bigger league or team?

You could see tonight that Utard isn’t very tough. They got man-handled! Krysco is gone one way or another unless they make the final 4…

Utah has been impressive this season, in spite of having a whacky coach. They are light years ahead of BYU right now. They have been ranked most of the season, played a more difficult schedule than BYU and the program is just plain better right now. The same holds true for their football program.

One way you can tell this is fact is because you don’t see their jerky fans saying things like “wait until next year” all the time.

People who say they aren’t very tough aren’t paying attention and haven’t seem them play much this year. They have some really good wins… you don’t make it to #12 in the nation at this point in the season because you aren’t very tough. I hope ute fans don’t read these boards… some of the comments are really embarrassing.

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I agree about the embarrassment comment. If they read all the cry baby conspiracy comments they would think we were wimps :wink:

Oregon thumped them. I think they are overrated. See what happens. And what’s this light years ahead stuff? We should have beat Utah in both football and basketball. All we need to do is learn to get off to fast starts. We will :slight_smile:

Could have, should have, would have…bottom line, they didn’t. And they haven’t for a long time.

But it doesn’t mean their program is light years ahead of BYU’s as Jim suggests. In most of our opinions, it was mostly about coaching. But the kids we get are just as good if not better than Utah.

Exactlllly. (Just found out, for some unknown reason, responses on this site have to be at least 10 characters long, hence the four L’s. Just so you know next time.

Probabllly. (Have to have 10 characters in a response, hence the three L’s. Silllllly).

Jim, I said nothing about Utah’s season except it was a good year for them. My thought line tickles the line of whether he will leave or stay. He is a good coach but he is a richard from the get go.

Sounds like you need some more education so listen up.

Utah played and beat the following teams this season - Texas Tech, Temple, Duke, Colorado (2), Washington (2), Cal (2), USC (2) and UCLA.

That is actually a pretty good season. The one team that had their number was Oregon, who swept Utah and then beat them in the pac tourney. Good thing Oregon or Utah wasn’t in the wcc… both of them would have finished second or third to America’s team.

Tell SG… he’s the one that needs to be educated. The Utes had a good season and I think they have a chance to win a game or two, maybe more.

They have had a better year than America’s team, but that might have been different had they been in the wcc.

So there you go.

It will be an interesting game to watch in round two…if Gonzaga makes it that far.

LOL!!! Ya Right…

Oh man, I can see Coach U Kry going after those refs playing in the wcc tourney, against America Team. Lol, need a hard had for that one :smile:
And I can see Coach Kry would canceled all the wcc games including BYU Again!

That’s right!

You think the wcc or the ncaa committee is going to keep America’s team out?


If they have a crappy year like UCLA. They didn’t make either tournament.

Our fans who refuse to acknowledge this are embarrassing. The pac12 conference has elevated Utah sports while Indy and WCC has hurt our sports program, as so many predicted would happen.

I acknowledge it… independence has been harsh on the football team so far and the gonzaga loving wcc hasn’t been too friendly to the basketball program.

Meanwhile, the utes basketball program is doing very well and their football program is so so, but in a P-5 conference so good for them.

I hate saying it but it’s true.

So if someone doesn’t agree with you they are stupid. I’m I talking with Donald Trump?