What are the expectations for the offense?

State what is wrong with the offense and what are the fixes?

What is wrong: The obvious… If your playing a pro style offense you have to have a very solid running back… Detmer wants to run a play action type of offense which only works if you have a solid running game which we don’t. Everything falls apart form there.

How to Fix. I would keep the QB in shotgun and have atleast 3 wide receivers. Move the tight in around from line to slot etc. Use the draw play, screens etc for the running attack. Use the RB in your passing attack. Mix it up between running fast and normal speed. This allows the QB to get the ball out faster, he doesn’t have to do his 3 to 4 step drops. They did some of this with Utah and the offense was better, but the receivers,qb, rb must be better. I think this offense gives us our best chance.

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The only thing I’d disagree with is that Detmer wants Magnum not running as much as possible and stay in the pocket. If Hoge plays Saturday, Detmer will make changes and put in a more rollout style offense.

I look at Green Bay’s offense. Rodgers is alway in the shotgun and he isn’t the most mobile quarter back. Seems to work well for them.

Very true. And, with the right backs, we can run out of the shot gun too. Utah did and so did LSU.

Well, TM can’t run anyway because of his injury foot. KSL interview Ty Detmer if he is going to start and he said “I can’t talk about it and not allow to discuss about injury.” Tanner is wearing protection boot on his one foot and limpoing. No word if Hoge going to start and he can do both passing and running. Will Detmer going to tell him not to run too and stay in the pocket? I hope not.

Big #5 (Can’t spell his name) running back for BYU was hurt the first two weeks of the season, that why he was not playing.

With him, we might be establish a run game, which would open up the play option…