What are we getting in TeJon Lucas

#3 Te’Jon Lucas (31pts 10 rebs 5 ast) vs CSU - YouTube

Te’Jon Lucas on BYUSN 05.20.21 - YouTube

Great floor vision, great mid range shot, good 3.
minuses: not as big as I thought, they say he is 6’2, i doubt he can dunk. but he is thick and won’t get pushed around by bigger guards. Says his game is closer to a Chris Paul. Has on year to play because of covid.

I’m going to say something crazy, I think Hunter Erickson is better. Just a Sophomore, and 3 years less of D1 experience but Hunter is a true 6’3. and HOPS. Also a point guard, at any rate, that gives Pope 2 very good players and a possible NBA at the point.

I mistakenly posted this on the football board, so here’s take two:

I love that Pope targeted (and signed) STAR players from mid major programs (Wisc-Mil and SJSU) instead of disgruntled players from higher profile programs. Lucas and Knight were both primary options on their teams when the game was on the line. That experience counts, whether it’s a mid major league game or NCAA tourney game. Lucas looks like an EXTREMELY polished and athletic player–at 6’2" he was third on his team in rebounds, scored 15ppg and was one of the leaders in D1 in assists. Imagine a smaller but quicker KC type PG. Knight has the body and was EASILY the best player on a terrible SJSU team, but the size and length and athleticism is not in question. Think a much more polished Gideon George who can beat guys off the dribble. I think these guys wanted to play at a program that competes at a higher level and with more TV exposure, and that’s a good thing. Way better than recruiting some disgruntled guy who thought he didn’t play enough at a high profile program. I 100% appreciated what BA brought last year, especially down the stretch, but I predict Lucas will make BYU fans forget about him fast.

And yes I believe in Erickson. Huge, HUGE athleticism. I hope he can carve out minutes somehow…I’n thinking AB and Tejon will both play 30+, but with Harding gone there may be room for Erickson to play enough to force Pope to keep playing him. He has to convince Pope he is better than Knell, because Pope loves Knell.

Ya know, Tom, You rarely get things wrong so I went back and looked at Lucas highlights. Up grade over BA, no doubt. has that rare midrange shot that is rare in basketball these days. When he signed, I automatically penciled BYU in as a Dance team. Then we get Knight, who has a ton of experience. Now BYU has 3 guys that can create their own shot, where we had One and 1/2 (Averette would get to the hoop often with no where to pass or shoot).

Great assessment. Pope does love Knell, as I do…Knell just got better as the season progressed. We always knew he could shoot but in playoffs, when Knell was pressed to cover a 6’6 guy, he more then held his own. He will be rust free this season and with Lucas, Knight and Barcello able to create shots, a kick out to Knell is automatic.

More on Hunter Erickson…I hope everyone read this clip?
BYU basketball: Why Hunter Erickson is digging Utah’s Powder League - Deseret News
These pickup games are full of NBA guys and college stars. Personally, I wish they would tune up by playing in the Million $ 5 on 5 games we are seeing on ESPN.

Count on it, Erickson just needs minutes