What are your New Year's Resolutions for BYU?

While we all consider what New Year’s Resolutions to set for ourselves, what do you think that BYU should set as its New Year’s Resolutions?

I wish BYU wins all its games in all sports. I also wish this board looks better, because what it was supposed to be user friendly, just isn’t.

I am going on to zero in on sports, and football in particular.

Much is said about the underachiever athletes.

Much is said about the 5 star Quarter Backs that can not make it at BYU or at any other school that they eventually transfer to.

Much is said about where the underachiever has failed.

Nothing has ever been said about the coach that allows the diamond in the rough to be thrown out with the trash without making the effort to clean and polish that diamond and make a fortune off of it.

I wonder as much about the great high school coach, making maybe as much as $60-80,000 per year that was able to utilize the talents of a gifted player and by doing so, turn that player into a 5 star player, only to turn that 5 star player over to a University coach making close to a $ million per year that allows that 5 star player to fail; to not achieve to his potential; and to be so down on himself that he can not achieve anymore, anywhere, as much as he could achieve under the coaching of his high school coach.

I wonder how many times that a 5 start player can hear from the coach, that he is no better than any of the 2-3 star players on the team, before that 5 star player starts to believe it and starts to question all the hard work; all the effort; all the time; and yes, all the sacrifice that athlete made in order to turn himself into that 5 star player.

I wonder how strong a person must be to hear over and over again by his college coach that he is no better than anyone else on the team, that did not have his degree of talent; did not sacrifice as much, and who has not achieved as much.

Next, the player sits back and watches the coach prove his point, by holding back the gifted player in favor of a far less gifted player.

How long does it take for a 5 STAR star player to give up on himself, after the ridicule he hears that labels him as an arrogant, self important, non team player, with no leadership, etc. etc. etc.

Why must a coach tear down a player in order to make his own self worth seem more important to himself.
Was our coach ever any higher than the 3 star players that he excels with? If not, could this be a reason that he does not like players that are achieving more than the coach was able to achieve?

Why would he leave two 4 star Quarter Backs on the bench their whole carreer at BYU in favor of a far less 2-3 star quarter back, allowing that 2-3 star quarter back to play with a broken back while leaving two better 4 star quarter backs on the bench, denying them the opportunity to get into a game.

Summary: I would hope that the New Years Resolution for the University is to take a much closer look at what is or is not happening with our 4-5 star players, before the word gets around, that BYU is not the place for any 4-5 star player to achieve.