What can we see in a game like today

Didn’t see it all but enough to comment.

Emery/Fisher - what a difference. Fisher wilts in bigger games. Emery steps it up. Fisher should be glad he’s a senior because if Haws is as expected, Fisher would be on the bench. He’s worthless in games like this.

Can’t wait to see Mika back. I think our bigs got killed although Kafusi is getting better. Won’t be the case next year.

Collinsworth will be missed but his production can be replaced with another good guard and better inside play by bigs.

I think there is a reasonable chance that we could start nothing but freshman ans sophomores next year. Davies might be the accept ion but he needs to get much better on offense and defend with more power on defense.

As for this year, I don’t expect anything more than third or fourth in league and an NIT bid. We are just to weak inside to make any kind of splash.

But watching our young guys play creates excitement for next year.

I was listening to KC talk to Wrubell and couldn’t have been more dissapponted. No accountability for how the team played, total denial about the things that need to be fixed, way too over confident for a guy that looks pretty good at times and absolutely terrible at other times. Nothing but excuses for teammate Fisher, saying he will continue to shoot and make shots the next time.

Is it not okay to acknowledge weaknesses and things that need work and show a little humility?

Lots of dissappointed fans at the game tonight…

His comments could be acceptable in early November, but not this far into the season. Appears he’s okay with mediocrate. I know he can’t blast Fisher but he’s got to call on himself and the team to step it up.

Didn’t see the game but looks like Fischer was 2-13 and KC was 6-18. These two need to shoot at least 40+ percent. Defense must have been missing-didn’t look like Colorado shot great but we were out boarded. Byu looks like a NIT team right now, but Gonzaga lost again and are missing Pangos and Karnowski who is injured and supposedly can hardly walk so this may be the year that the Zags are down

I watched the Gonzaga game and they were in it right to the finish against UCLA who just recently beat Kentucky. BYU and GU aren’t even close at this point. The Zags would win easily… especially considering the fact that the refs will be in their corner when they play.

BYU just isn’t very good and they can’t keep making excuses and saying they will get better. The time is now, not a month from now. They have been playing for 2 months and they look like they just started the season.

I said this same thing a month ago and I’ll say it again… there is no reason why KC and CF think they need to carry this team to victory, because against good teams they are dragging the team to defeat. What in the world is Fisher doing shooting 0-9 from 3 point range? If you are 0 for you should stop at 4 or 5 and contribute in some other way. KC same thing… taking 18 shots for a combined 8-32. Stop trying to pad your own stats and carry the team because you are doing as much bad as you are good.

KC and Fischer are BFFs. Will never take each other to task to the media. I gratefully missed the game tonight. Fischer is that guy at the Y who makes just enough 3s to think he should be the only guy shooting, but doesn’t make enough to keep his team on the court.

Fisher is another Brock Zylstra. We have this guy every year. Solid player against bad to mediocre reams. But wilts against good competition.

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I wonder if Fischer might benefit from a Carlino experience, coming off the bench. Based on his play this year for both offense and defense, he hasn’t earned more than 15-20 minutes a game. I would like to see Seljaas and Toolson pick up larger chunks of his minutes. The only significant contribution Fischer had made consistently is free throw shooting, making over 80% on the year.

On the plus side, free throw shooting was improved for the entire team. Though, in addition to missing all of his three pt shots, Fischer also missed his only free throw attempt.

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