What I learned at the Diamond Head Classic

The team can actually play together—except for the first half against Harvard they’ve played as a team. Still stink at defense but at least they’re stinking it up together.

The team plays together better when Austin starts. Austin is apparently the leader the seniors need to put their heads into the team game.

Kaufusi will not be playing much—so much potential wasted so far.

Fischer actually can, at least he did against Northern Iowa, put together a game where
he doesn’t hurt the team even when his three is not dropping.

This offense can consistently hit 50% shooting.

The team can actually hit FTs regularly.

Seljaas will get some solid minutes, even as a freshman.

Can they continue to hit FTs?
Will Fischer help the team when his 3s aren’t dropping in any other game?
How long will the team continue to hit 50% or above?
Can the team actually hold any WCC team to less than a basket per possession? Given that the team has failed to do so except against the patsies at the beginning of the year, USU, and NM, the chances seem pretty slim. No defensive improvement so far likely means not competitive for the regular season championship.
Dave Rose teams still have yet to win a tournament championship. Will he ever have the players with the toughness and talent to do so?

Exactly Harold -

This was probably the best thing to be taken away from this game. It was great to see Fischer play an entire game where he made good decisions, balanced some moves to the basket with his 3 pointers, actually pass the ball to get a better shot, etc. If he can take this game and build on it, it will make a big difference going forward. He didn’t shoot as well as the UNM game obviously but his overall game was better.

It is easy to see how well the TEAM can play when everyone is making the effort to help their teammates play better.

Go back and watch the NM. He drove to the basket and passed to open players more than today. And, we won by 30 against NM. Your observations and interpretations are erroneous and fictitious :slight_smile:

Not this year-maybe next year! BYU is getting better but so is ST Mary’s and Gonzaga. One thing for sure is you can’t lose any league home games and they have done well at home. Beat Gonzaga or Saint Mary’s on the road and you have a shot. A win Thursday would be ideal

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Well, it looks like Jay Drew agrees with me too -

“Three hours later, his basketball team gave him an even nicer gift, turning in perhaps its best overall performance of the season in an 84-76 win over Northern Iowa in the consolation bracket final of the Diamond Head Classic at the Stan Sheriff Center.” - Jay Drew, Salt Lake Tribune

So it seems like the consensus, at least among those who understand the finer points of the game, is that BYU played their best overall performance of the season. It’s one thing to make an intelligent statement of observation and fact and have most cougarfans agree with you, but when a respected sportswriter says the same thing, well… I think that pretty much seals the deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if you beat a team by 30, shoot better at the same time, less turnovers and hold th to fewer points then that would be a better game. I can’t help it if someone can’t reason logically and his groupies agree with him :blush:

Wrong again… so try to stay with me here.

UNM lost to WSU today by 23… they are not a good team, so beating them by 30? meh…

UNI has beaten North Carolina and Iowa State and both teams were top 5 when they did it.

Knowing those two things, the win today is a much better win.

Stop digging your hole so deep, unless you are trying to find water to relieve the drought.

I just watched the game. I haven’t a clue how NI won those two games. The only difference between them and NM was shooting. NI was better and we missed some really easy layups. Emery missed a bunch of them.
We had too many turnovers and too many selfish plays. Way more selfish than against NM.
Did you notice the time Austin went to the bench that he wouldn’t sit next to Kaufusi and made Emery get up and go sit by him? I wonder if something happened between those two and Kaufusi was benched for the game? Just an astute observation.

The best thing about reading your posts is that they help show (and everyone sees it) how misguided you are and how right I am. :smile:

Everyone knows the UNI game was BYU’s most complete and effective game. I am bummed that Kaufusi wasn’t a part of it, but I told you a few games ago that it seemed like he was regressing. All you ever do is look at and compare statistics and all that does is prove you cannot analyze a game with any depth. It’s okay though, the game needs the simple minded fans that can only figure stuff out by looking at numbers. :open_mouth:

And the team will need Kaufusi the rest of the season… he can come in and help in a lot of different ways… as evidenced by his stats. :wink:

You simply only use your inept observation skills which causes you to fall into conspiracy traps and poor understanding of what is going on :smile:
I seem to be the only one who offers proof based on facts, faxes, emails…
So, Kaufusi and Aytes should play before Austin.

What I learned is…

Austin plays sound defense. Kaufusi has regressed from last year but I will say that we will see plenty of Kaufusi when BYU plays teams that have solid inside play (GU and Portland) As for league play, the WCC is and will always be a guard driven league and BYU has to play a 3 guard rotation to contest long balls. Guys like Kaufusi become big liabilities when they leave the paint.

I also learned that we will live and die by Fischer.

This game on Thursday is BYU’s biggest game of the year so far. Stop SMC from bombing away and BYU gets an easy win. They lead the nation @ 46% from the 3.

I think Coach Rose said that having Austin out on the floor is kind of like having a coach on the floor. I would say that the reason the team starts better with Austin out there is because he settles the rest of the guys out with that coach like knowledge. If only he hadn’t abandoned offense during his time on the team. This team would be nationally ranked if he scored even half as well as he plays the rest of his game. Just a counterfactual…but the what ifs in his career are longer than most.

I will probably be criticized for this but I think he is one of the best at taking charges, something big guys can’t sell very well, and he does a great job at it. Perhaps the best thing is that he accepts his role on the team and does things that help the team win.

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Not scoring hurts the this particular team. Falling down at other times hurts the team too. I happen to agree with Harold on this one.
But, if Rose had issued his order about making free throws or don’t play then we may be nationally ranked. Free throws are the reasons for the losses. Not selfish players :alien:

You keep referring to Rose issuing an order regarding free throws. Do you have any source for this order or is it just imaginary?

You guys need to record BYU Sports Nation and you would be more up to date. You would know the answer then.