What in the world happen to Michigan football

After canceling 2 game in a row and suggesting that they would be ready for the Iowa game, we get this
Michigan-Iowa canceled due to COVID-19 | Yardbarker
I guess it is the right thing to do, seeing as you can’t beat you way out of a wet paper bag. Is Harbaugh done?

My co-worker who grew up in Michigan and routes for that team says that Harbaugh is on the way out as coach. So I think there is more to the story than what appears.

I think Krzyzewski might try to do anything he can to get one of his players to get a positive test so his entire team could be quarantined for the season and not have to play any more games. He was VERY concerned about having to play basketball games this season because of covid and all the stress, etc. It would have nothing to do with a relatively bad Duke team that has lost 2 games at home already…

Michigan is terrible but I guarantee if they had a one loss season next year they would be ranked highly in the CFP and likely get an invite.

I frankly have Covid burnout. I jokingly told my son in law, “just let me get it and die already so I can stop hearing about it!” He said he knew a place I could go and probably get it, El Paso. They have a huge problem there. My son in law and daughter are moving there in February for a high paying job he is taking. There was a news headline I read on Bongino about 6 weeks ago that was titled “Hell Paso” due to the rampant Covid outbreak. The Sun Bowl in El Paso, one of the oldest of the bowl games, has been canceled.

I know Covid isn’t a joke but I also think it was exploited to win an election and the Democrats may exploit it further after Biden takes office to further control the populace. Covid has been a plague for more reasons than the disease. It has been horrible for small business, family relationships, emotional health, and mental health. People have to be careful but shutting everything down is a big mistake.

200% agree

Look to Newson’s land, Chicago, Philly and Cuomoland to see where this country is headed if we let power mongers run things

The place to get COVID19 is in the homeless shelters. The one in our town is 100%. 45 out of 45 tested positive. The people we are to try and help are being shunned like the plague. City and county politicians avoid doing anything for the homeless and now they will have to pay for it, literally. The outcome could be banning a homeless shelter in our towns.

There are close to 75 or more RV’s, vehicles and shelters of some kind on the surface streets between shell rd. and the end of the fwy. coming into ojai valley. They started arriving a little after the Covid deal started and things were shut down. All the rent assistance, lines for food and stuff are nonsense. These are real people from all over the place that are living out of campers, cars and run down RV’s trying to survive. California is turning into a dungy pit and Newsom is the slumlord wreaking havoc and throwing people who want to work into poverty and homelessness.

Yep! Down by my office RVs, campers, minivans with people living out of them. Spreading COVID19. 45 out of 45 homeless in the SP shelter have tested positive.