What is BYU's mid season report card?

Before the season started BYU was faced with point guard issues: KC was injured, Carlino had just transferred. We were also faced with replacing Mika at center. The only bright area was that Haws and Winder were coming back. We also were faced with finding playing time for a zilian freshmen.

How would you grade the team so far and will they make the big dance?
Chime in, will they go dancing?

I actually like what I see happening at this point. Even the losses were winnable games that maybe we are getting to the point of winning the close games going forwards.

The only negative with this team is that if the outside shot isn’t going down, wins will be hard to come by. Especially against good teams or teams that get hot.

One plus I saw in Thursday’s game was that we shot well in a cracker box gym. That was a good sign with this team. If Nixon can get his shooting going, we could be a difficult team to deal with come the NCAA’s. Ya, I think we are good enough to make it this year.