What is going on in Utah? Seriously?

I heard a poll yesterday that Utahans are 50-50 on voting for Hillary Clinton. Are you serious? What is wrong with you Utards!!! SERIOUSLY!!! She gave 3 examples clearly pointing to the fact she want s to delete the 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendments of the Constitution. You know, that document that the Lord inspired. What is wrong with you people? Have you no principles to vote for such a liar? Trump may be an idiot and other names we can call him. But, he’s not a liar and dangerous as the liar in chief (Hillary Clinton) suggests. Stop with the insanity Utards!!!

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Ok… Why vote for a party (GOP) that did the following:

  1. Circumvented their rules when the Utah delegation asked for a vote to unbind the votes… Remember Cruz won this state handily. Mike Lee (Tea Party Darling) was leading the charge to have the delegates unbound to the states votes.
  2. Put Utah delegation at the back of the convention…
  3. AND MOST IMPORTANT, would not allow the State Delegates vote for Cruz, instead the GOP management invoked a clause in the State GOP party that said “Can only vote for a running candidate”. So all the votes went to Trump… THAT DID NOT GO OVER WELL IN UTAH…

People in Utah have principals… they will not vote for Trump, right now it look like Johnson (Libertarian) will get a lot of the GOP votes. There is still about 20-30 percent of the voters that still need to make up their mind.

Trump has his issues including Lying, Cheating on several of his wives (or does not living up to your covenants mean anything to you?), Dishonest in his business dealing, and above all a “divider”.

Look at the number of high level Republicans who did not show up that is part of the “Party”…

As one friend put it “the GOP is only interested in their power, not the people”.

That is why the current poll is Trump 35%, Hillary 35% and Johnson about 11%.

I see the problem with Utard. Self-righteousness. So, everyone who gets a divorce is not worthy? His ex-wife is fine with their divorce. But you have to invoke your priesthood authority into their lives? What’s wrong with that picture? Members get divorced and seem to carry on and even get back or keep their temple recommends. And yet, you go off on someone who is not a member. Even though he has remained faithful to his current wife and all the children of both marriages are fine with this too.
And, if you want to go there, what about Bill and Hillary? They continue to have their affairs. Honestly.

And then, you show this wow is me boo hoo crap that you didn’t get to sit in the front. Well, now you know what blacks have felt in the past. Dumbest excuse of all what you wrote.

Then you cry about Cruz, who left the campaign! Why should he get anything after leaving. Heck, I respect Sander’s cry for foul because he did not leave the campaign. But I give Cruz nothing but a butt wipe for his crybaby behavior temper tantrum!
All-in-all, none of your excuses is valid to elect Hillary “Stalin” Clinton who wants to do away with the scriptures, your guns and your precious states rights! Wake up Utard!!!

As one friend put it “the GOP is only interested in their power, not the people”.

SG: that is the stupidest reason to vote for Hillary or Johnson. They all want power! And, voting for either one of those clowns gives them the power to eliminate your rights to the bible and the rest of the Church teachings of righteous living. Johnson hates religion more than Hillary! Utard is full of low information voters.

Scott the bloviator at it again…

I have no problems with someone getting a divorce, my son went through it recently and later on, found an a nice young lady to marry who made him happy.

I do have a problem with someone WHO SLEEPS WITH OTHER WOMEN,while still married to his wife. hell, Trump was not even separated from his wife. when that happened.

nothing self righteous about my view, Scott, it is simple commitment. you get married, you HONOR your vows Neil either ou get a divorce or your wife dies.

let me make it clear, I DO NOT CARE if you are a member of the church or not… the marriage vows are the most scared of things to make…

I don’t know any member who heated on his wife keeping his temple recommend…

as for the Clinton’s I have the attitude about how them as I do Trump.

Scott I thought you were for the constitution? I thought you supported the Tea party.

the GOP leadership denied Utah voters their right to vote…, we voted for Cruz, but yet the GOP. leadership cast Utah votes for Trump… is that what you call honest.

EVEN Mike Lee the tea party constitutionalist said this was wrong, he fought the GOP to keep our votes for Cruz… who I remember you supported.

and if you think Trump is going to keep his pledge of being a conservative, you are dumbier than I thought.

Trump does not believe in supporting the constitution.

yea Scott go down the path of blindness…

people do not like Trump for obvious reasons(apparently not you).

my guess is Johnson will win Utah…

voting for Trump just to keep Clinton out is as stupid as voting for a third party.

Trump is the GOP version of Obama, he will do the exact same thing as Obama when he can not bully congress

watch and see.

There is also forgiveness for adultery. But apparently not for Utah Mormons.
With your last statement, why would you want Hillary, Utah? She’s a liar and criminal. There are people who crossed her and ended up shooting them selves on top of their head and backs of their heads??? How is that possible…she’s a murderer.

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When Cruz quit, he had no control of them because of the rules of the convention already established before the primaries. Are you saying that we should break the rules just for Cruz? Look, I voted for Cruz. But, he quit and then was a big baby. We don’t need crybabies in the whitehouse.

I’m sorry but no, Hillary is much worse than Trump by far. Both Clinton and Johnson are enemies of the 1st amendment including destroying religion. You can’t see that?

On another note…

Is anyone concerned with the plethora of “dollar stores” and “tiny houses”? that seem to be pervasive and continuing to grow in our society and culture?

What is the reason for this phenomena?

Obama-Clinton are successfully transforming the U.S. Into a Cuba type nation. Exactly what he said he would but not enough would listen and believe him. After all, he’s a big liar.

Of course I can. They are also against the 2nd amendment as well. If she gets elected, it won’t matter if you have a gun. There goal is to make it illegal to shoot another human being. (Except an unborn human). They tried it before. The SCOTUS reversed that by a close vote. But, with Hillary, the court will end up lopsided to the left. And Democrats don’t care and won’t until they start being arrested for defending themselves. A vote for anyone besides Trump is a vote for Hillary and Satan.

tiny houses?

the real for so many dollar stores is good old fashion captialism, some one found a niche and made the idea wor for them.

or is captialism working now a bad thing?

pic you are talking about zero lot homes(tiny houses) then again captialism at work.

I developer can sell more lots, thus earning more money,. add to the fact young people today seem to not want to mow the lawn.

I agree with you Grasshopper…but I’m a Mormon in New Mexico…a state that ranks towards the bottom of every list that ALWAYS votes for the Democrat in presidential elections. This said, I’m hoping our ex-governor, Gary Johnson, takes NM so Hillary loses a few electoral votes in order to help Trump :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want Johnson as POTUS though, he’s a loony toon.

That one made me laugh! Thanks, Floyd!