What is wrong with Mitt Romney?

How can a member of the Church go against the Constitution? The Constitution is clear about impeachment that it has to be a sitting President and not a private citizen. Recall Romney!

Mitt has a personal vendetta against Trump, and he’s not planning on running for reelection. Mitt does what Mitt wants to do.

Should recall him now. Impeach him for PETA endangerment of his dog many years ago. Seems like anything goes now for this nonsense.

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Please bother to read the Constitution.
The House of Representatives impeached him. Right or wrong. The House impeached Trump for the second time…just out of spite as near as I can tell.

The Senate, where the trial was held, did not convict…Romney’s feelings about Trump had no bearing on the case…only on his personal vote which meant nothing in the big picture. The Democrats in the Senate did not have the votes to convict. The House attorney’s presenting the case in the Senate did even worse than most predicted. The vote came out nearly exactly as expected on both the left and the right when the idea of a second trial was predicted at the beginning of this second farce.

Romney is a complete fake, a hole, and complete liberal democrat in republican clothing. I throw up a bit in my mouth every time I hear his name as I was stupid enough to hope that a former stake president was an honest person. No such luck with Mitty.

Why do you say he’s not an honest person? Because he doesn’t see things the way you do? That’s quite an accusation.

For Mitt, dishonesty is plain as day.

Anyone who makes up new Amendments of the Constitution is dishonest. Also, he was unable to allow himself to hear the words of Trump saying to go over and “peaceably” protest. Exercising his 1st Amendment Rights is not an act of impeachment. No crime or misdemeanor. Romney and the other Bozos are dishonest. And, we know about all his flipping on things in the past like abortion and socialism.