What’s going on with Utah’s Governor?

I just saw on TV that he’s shutting down athletic activities??? Utahns need to reel him in fast!!!

He is shutting down all High School (except for Football playoffs) sports, and youth and club sports for two weeks to help curve the spike of Covid (rolling average is around 2500 per day).

Actually he has been one of the more moderate governor and asking people to do their part to help “REDUCE” the spread of the virus without issuing mandates or shutdown (ie California, New York).

Unfortunately, too many Utahan are idiotic and refuse to wear masks, social distance and try to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Enough is enough when 3000 cases per day pike this past week with a rolling average of 1800.

Business remain open, going to work (with a mask) is still done. The only thing he is doing is
a) making wearing a mask mandated when you go outside
b) putting a two week hold on all sports, and social gathers (not living in the same house hold) in your home.

And before you mention the whole “constitution” thing, you might want to research Jacobson vs Massachusetts US Supreme Court case in 1905.

Basically in a 7-2 split, the Justices said that your “rights” do not supersede the health and welfare of the community. There Mask Mandate are constitutional.
I for one am glad that he finally pulled the trigger. Too many people think this virus is nothing more than the flu when “verified”, peer review studies has shown that this virus is far more dangerous than the flu. It attacks and damages the Lungs, Heart and Kidney’s “LONG TERM”.

Very few does it attack the organs. Those with comorbidities yes. But few otherwise.

Do your research Scott… They are finding more and more people with Lung and heart damage.

But put your head in the sand… Science does not lie, and there are so many things we don’t know about this virus.

You guys can consider yourselves fortunate to lose HS sports for only two weeks! Despite very few kids here in Oregon being sick with Covid–and ZERO having died from it (even though we continue to have kids die from the flu this year), here in Oregon all schools have been closed, and there are NO school sports (thank goodness I retired from coaching in our school district very early this spring before we knew the programs would be cancelled–I was concerned how emotional I’d be not coaching this fall, but since there are no seasons anyway it took a lot of the personal sting out of it). It’s tough to measure the harm caused by kids not being in school and not having their activities. Our HS band director lives in our ward and this is every bit as tough on his band kids as it is on the athletes. Regardless, it sounds like the Utah restrictions are not even as extreme as what we have had here in Oregon since July, and I hope people comply with the rules because they don’t seem unreasonable.

More people as in how many?

They are mostly unreasonable. 98% aren’t affected by it. Floyd hears something from a nurse and he runs crazy with it. The greater damage is what it’s doing to our children in the form of suicides, physical-social-mental and sexual abuse.

I recently went to Portland (my daughter lives there), I did not see that big of a problem out side of the school being all on line.

The count when I was there was around 300, people walking around with masks on… Thought they was pretty on top of it.

Here is Utah the case count is rolling around 2500 daily. Which is outragous, because we can do just about anything we want (including sports), but only wear a mask… which seems too hard for some people.

Yep place like John Hopkins Hospital is some nurse…

Yep, like Mayo Clinic as some nurse…

Here is the thing Scott, I do research, from sites that is not political but based on Science. While you think everything is political and never do your own research.

Both articles are full of fuzzy words and sketchy what ifs. They leave out age of the person’s and then the Mayo says something about 19 year olds and strokes but fails to mention most young people never get the virus and the number of strikes is never mentioned.!
John Hopkins mentioned the flu does the same things to many people’s hearts as well. Fearmongering.

We have been fortunate here in Utah, with a very good governor. But the rolling total of over 2500 and our hospitals threatened to being overrun with Covid patients, Herbert had to pull the rip cord. We have to mask up and hope the numbers come down.

Its the HS kids and the young and dumb parties here in Utah valley that really got Covid spreading.

That is why you always find Chris on a river “fishing” some where in the State… No crowds, but fresh air… :open_mouth:

I’m kind of mad at the Covid requirements. Had a big group of fishermen, green river trip, for this weekend that I had to cancel. A ton of lost revenue.

Chris, it’s probably VERY dangerous for people to be outside in the wilderness on a river with the wind blowing. I heard someone say, “So, why is it dangerous for me to go hiking with a couple close friends, but it’s safe for me to be in Safeway with every stranger in my zip code?” In my opinion (and the older I get, the more cynical I get about politicians), I think our politicians are literally making it up as they go. This is all new and no one really has the answers, so they do what their political advisors tell them will cause them the least personal political damage. It’s all optics.

Covid kills people and is dangerous to people that fit certain profiles. A lot of things have killed people who just happened to have Covid. In my opinion It is not too dangerous for healthy, fit people middle age and younger. Sure some young kids die but young kids die of illnesses all the time. It is an anomaly when they die of Covid. I will be curious how much longer Covid stays so sinister now that Trump appears to be out. The pity about Covid is that if no Covid Trump would have been re-elected even with thousands upon thousands of questionable votes cast for Biden. No Covid and most independents would have broken for Trump and it would have been very difficult to steal the election because the economy would most likely have remained great and the Dems wouldn’t have had Covid as an issue.

Maybe the election wasn’t stolen but it probably was, but that is another issue that may never come to light but needs to be investigated from every angle from voting machines, dead people voting, poll watchers being denied access to vote counts, some cities showing more votes cast than registered voters, thousands of votes appearing in the dark of night after counting has stopped. Maybe it’s all conspiracy theory stuff but I tend to think not.

Covid still dominates the news and probably will until Trump concedes. If by some miracle the election is overturned for fraud I suspect it will remain front page news. This is the cynic in me speaking.

I am seventy years old and over weight but have lost a bunch of weight since July so I am careful and will remain careful because I am in at risk category but for most of the millions who have gotten it they suffer no more than if they had a cold.

There are two companies now with vaccines. My fear is that Biden and his commie governors will shut down “Warp Speed.” Biden has said he’s going to overturn all of Trumps programs and executive orders. Or, he will listen to Ezekiel Emmanuel, the doctor-scientist who says anyone over 75 should never receive life saving treatments for anything because they don’t contribute to society anymore. A total Leninnist

Yeah I guess hardly any of the 12 Apostles or the First Presidency contribute anything to society if you buy into that. What breathtaking foolishness. I guess Biden himself wouldn’t be allowed to live if he gets seriously sick based on this doctor’s ideas. Maybe it isn’t all bad. We could get rid of Biden, Jane Fonda, George Soros, and a number of others for the sake of our children and grandchildren. If medical treatment is withheld from the brethren we can count on the Lord to preserve them as long as he sees fit so maybe it isn’t such a bad idea. I am assuming what you say about this Dr. Dimento Emmanuel is true. If not forget what I have written. I notice he is the brother of Rahm Emmanuel and that is a strike against him.

I have about 5 years to qualify for life saving medical care and then I guess I’ll just have to be lucky or I will be checking out.

Check out Ezekiel Emmanuel as he will be in Biden’s Covid19 task force. He’s one scary Communist dude. Ezekiel…He’s and onocologist

you and me both.

i feels that way. We will see in Jan.

Gavin Newsom Governor of California is contemplating curfews. First Biden and Harris and now Stalin.