What we learned from the Toledo game

1 Williams for president. broke the all time school record for rushing in route to a 5 TD night on national TV. NFL talent? Love his swagger, rubs off on the rest of the team.
2 We have a tight end, repeat, we have a tight end. Baldertree. boom
3 Hill showed he can make a pass. That last one up the middle was a thing of beauty.
4 Hill is best when he goes beast mode. Leveled the Safely on his last romp
5 Nacua got his 4th interception for the year. Seems someone in “Scouting Toledo” said he would.
6 That Toledo QB, Woodside, is a NFL talent. As Freddy Mercury said, “Dynamite with a Lazar Beam”. I quit counting all the bombs that kid threw. wow. over 500 yards and 5 TDs for the game, shame he had to lose it.
7 Toledo’s Oline is massive. Gave him plenty of time most of the night
8 Toledo gassed out toward the end on both sides of the ball
9 Almond, another hero tonight, Weird stat “Kickers” have won all our games so far.
10 I guess when you drop 55 on a team, that ends the calling for Hill to be benched.
and lastly, the Mec refs (or whatever hole they crawled out of) were pathetic. the receiver was dancing-dancing on the sidelines before his catch. Sitake knew it, ESPN knew it and the refs knew it.

Please fill in any heroes I missed. Great game Coaches

  1. Nacua Interception
  2. Jonny Rugby kicked two long punts when needed when we were inside the10 yard lines.
  3. Jamal Williams 5 TD in one game to tie along with Luke Staley who made that same 5 TD himself.

I was ready to turn the game off after Toledo scored that first TD of the second half. The offense had looked bad in that second quarter, then they came out and scored on their drive. I thought, well lets see what happens now. I’m glad I continued. Hill looked the best I’ve seen him this year.

On the refs that missed the call, I just heard Sitake mentioned that the crew was short 1 ref. The eight man crew was a seven man crew.

What I learned…

  1. Hill can hit the long pass sometimes. Hopefully that will start happening more often.
  2. Williams is incredible.
  3. The Toledo QB was amazing. What got me is how he kept his cool on that 2pt conversion (which should have never happened in the first place). Early snap, drops to the ground, and within about 1.5 seconds, he picks up that ball and delivers it on target.
  4. Defense? What’s that? :wink:
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Thanks for the nice summary. I think you guys hit all the points. I agree that Taysom has pretty much solidified his position for the rest of the year. He had a shaky 2nd qtr but he seemed to find his mojo during half-time. Sitaki has credited Taysom for making adjustments at the line that has helped the offense roll, especially JW. Michigan State is going to be a real test and I will be surprised if we score more than 24 pts. Jamaal will be squarely in their sites. But, we can worry about MSU next week. Let’s just bask in the glory of an amazing game and performance by JW for a couple of days. Finally, a game for the ages that will be broadcast for years to come on Saturday mornings on the BYUTV. I’m just happy for Taysom and happy for Sitake and Detmer. Tuiaki would probably just as soon forget this game as would frosh CB Chris Wilcox who got picked on all night but it was a gem for Sitaki as a whole. His team delivered a game that had the fans roaring for almost the whole game. Even the announcers commented on the deafening roar as the game wore on. This was a game the fans, coaches and players alike needed.

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Our defense was pathetic again against the pass. Next week we die if we can’t stop the pass better.