What we learned from the UT SA game

Thud! The is the noise of BYU splatting back to earth. Most likely every voter will treat BYU unkindly.

What we did right…1-Romney is a warrior. He took a hit in the sternum that going to hurt for weeks, fully expected to see him on the sidelines for the remainder of the game, gets evaluated and boom, back in? wow!
2- Wilson’s arm continues to look like a 1st rounder.

3- Algiear is a beast

That is about it.

Now the bad:
So sloppy, uninspiered ball play. Dropped handoffs, fumbles, drive killing penalties. BYU truly looked like a overconfident team that expected to win by 30 by just showing up.

UTSA loved our jet sweeps. loved em. Coach, can we just get rid of them, please.

UTSA also crashed the edges and forced Wilson to feel trapped in a pocket, It unnerves Wilson so he rushed things. That is something future teams will deploy against BYU.

If this same team shows up at Houston, we have a problem! I watched the Houston-Tulane game, Houston would beat BYU by 20 if we continue this funk. Houston spotted Tulane with 3 turnovers and 21 points to start the 1st qtr… They still wreaked Tulane.

Hopefully next week BYU can get the following guys back vs Houston:

C James Empey
RG Tristen Hoge
K Jake Oldroyd
RB Sione Finau

And that our Oline lives up to all the hype.

BYU will drop in the polls but any kind of a win @Houston would bet BYU back in the drivers seat.

Agreed on all—several jet sweeps for zero or negative yardage. Wilson put a pitch to Allgeier on the ground, muffed two handoffs, and threw a duck that should have been picked with a few minutes to go but lucky for Wilson the guy had a club wrap on his hand and couldn’t catch it. We may lose if that ball got picked. We got a holding call on third and 1. We gave up two long passes and one score on “free plays.” How the he$$ do we have guys jumping offside multiple times in an empty stadium? We lose an easy TD when Pauu is carrying the ball in his inside hand and fumbles (wonder how many times in the last 20+ Years coaching I talked to my players about never ever ever ever carrying the ball in your inside hand??). These are all total fundamental failures. How does that happen? We all know: players get overconfident and the coaches buy into the hype machine.

Don’t start me about our full time prevent defense that allowed the BACKUP QB for a 34 point ‘dog go 17/20 for 229 IN ONE HALF against our STARTING D. This was like watching the UH bowl game all over again.

Too many key penalties and the first fumble was a killer. Wilson played well with the exception of one throw that could have been picked. Receivers were great. I guess the one thing that was an aberration from the previous 3 games was the play calling. BYU pretty much had their way on the ground, especially up the interior. BYU is missing two of their best OL, so it would be nice to get them back and start dominating again. Need everyone for Houston

Well, BYU moves up 2 places to #13 in the Coaches Poll. AP isn’t out yet.

The play calling was off. That may contribute to the fumbles and penalties as well. The play calling faked out our own players and they were confused. Our pass defense has to play better. Warner was in position to jump and knock away that touchdown pass and barely got 3” off the ground. Happened a couple of times.

Burton, very good point about our receivers. I think they have been flat-out outstanding all season.

AP has BYU #15.

Preach. Pauu has a lot of rust and should learn from it. When I guide clients 90% of my time, I spend working on fundamentals, I don’t care if I have a billionaire and if they ever complain, I just look em over and say, “you don’t hire a guide to catch a lot of fish, you hire him to work out your flaws so that you can have a lifetime of catching fish”. . This shoddy play can all be cleaned up as Burton points out.

Burton also pointed out that two starters on the Oline were MIA. Of special note, Empey is our Line general. He calls out the plays and directs line. BYU certainly acted like they missed him in the UTSA game. While UTSA did not score a sack in the BYU game, they made sure that Wilson was stressed.

This is a gift of a season. We owe a lot to Tom Holmoe for making a season out of nothing. But to get a blowout over Navy as the only game on TV that night sent waves through the football world, then 2 blowouts to buy into a BYU cinderella story. not droppng in the polls tells me that most voters pay no attention to anyone out there not named OSU or Bama. So just win baby and BYU gets a New Year’s bowl game. Houston will tell us everything we need to know.

Completely agree! It’s all about the next game and whether we win or not. 1984 should have taught that lesson. Learn from history, right!

Agree! JUST WIN BABY!!! Just hope all the guys took a good ol dose of ex-lax as they all seemed like they were constipated Saturday.