What we learned from the UVU game

I’m not sure how much of this win was UVU going 1-8 from the 3 point land or the fact that BYU defended the 3 so hard that UVU just did not have open looks.

BYU on the other hand gave UVU the same medicine that we got a year ago when they came into our building and set a Marriot record for 3s in a game. BYU shot 46% from the 3 last night and made the game a laugher.

Childs took care of the 7 footer,. Manyang. Ballgame.
BYU also had 25 assists to UVU’s 6…ballgame.
BYU had 33 rebs to their 23…ballgame
BYU had 6 blocks to their 2
BYU had 81% FTs to their 63% TF and many of UVU’s were missed front end 1and 1’s…ballgame.
BYU played the most complete game I’ve seen in…forever with only one weakness…16 turnovers.

Vegas had the game as a 60% win for UVU so there you go.

This pleased me. I read this piece by on Kenpom a while back. He argues in normal circumstance you should measure 3P defense by 3s attempted rather than %. The exception being desperation 3 pointers for teams where that’s the only option because they can’t get inside. In that case, 3P% becomes a useful metric. His numbers are interesting and his reasoning is basically teams only shoot threes given certain conditions where they feel they can make a certain %, so the key to controlling them is denying them those conditions. so if a team that normally shoots 40% from 3 and shoots 20 of them, you’d expect them to make 8, but against a good defense, maybe they only take 10 but they still make 4 of them.

Obviously, there are exceptions and some teams just do dumb things.


25 assists on 30 made field goals. Music to my ears.

You see, this is why I come to Cougarfan…to read will researched out info. Well done, Mr Claus (spin on Christmas). All night I kept waiting for the shoe to fly off and darn if BYU stepped on their necks from start to end. I am worried about Child not getting enough rest and Rose playing him too long. We would simply be in trouble if Childs got injured or Bryant for that matter

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Nixon is suppose to be a replacement for him. But, the bigs have to step up when that happens. They can’t get into foul trouble so quickly like last night. That’s why he played so much. If Conner plays well then that will help rest Bryant and Haws too.

You missed one stat that trumped the rest! No Emery! Game BYU…