What we need to do before the utah ute game;

We need to regroup and for the Utah, Boise State, Wisconsin. Mississippi games, we need to go back to the drawing board and make plays, not to fit the Pro Style, which for the most part is foreign to our players, and find plays, and formula’s that show off the natural skills of each of our individual playmakers instead of changing them from their natural fit to something foreign to them.

Once we get into the second half of our season with the teams that are ranked around 100, we can go back and practice, practice, and practice some more with each of the remaining games how to be proficient working within the pro frame work.
Maybe with all of that real game time practice with the last half of our season, we may be able to compete using the pro style with all of our games. But for now, with those games that are ranked above or near us, we need to find the comfort zone for each playmaker.

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