What will our record be this year?

I predict a 12-0 record.

Lol lala land-must be a Laker fan-7-5

almost 0-12

6-6 ugh - 8-4 would be outstanding

I am going with 7-5

I did say we will be better than last year. .500 will be so so okay but 7-5 I’m fine. 8-4 or better would be great.

BYU will have a good team, we have the talent and experience at most of the important spots.
Running Back

It all depends on our O and D Lines and we got grimes for that. and our DBs and I’m a little worried about the reports. some say we are solid, some say that we can’t defend for beans. Aaahhhhh.

6=6 would be rock bottom for me and anything above that would get me to a happy dance.

Must be a Utard fan :slight_smile:

My guess is 8-4

I think Grimes demanding perfection, accountability and hard work from his players will do a lot.

I also thing the Grimes Offensive staff is experienced enough to exploit what talents our team has. I have heard several time on talk radio that we do not the players with any talent (Hans Olsen is a former player who seems to have a bug up his ??? about BYU).

Scheme of a system can help negate players perceived weaknesses. Much like Lavell did early in his career.

I give BYU a chance at 8-4 if they beat Arizona-otherwise no chance. Another game to watch is BSU vs Troy on the road. This will indicate what BSU is going to look like this year and the practicality of pulling off an upset in Boise

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I think BYU will beat Arizona, I think they have a great QB, but a lousy line. The defense is not good either.

I think they will give Wisconsin a run, and it won’t be blowout by any means.

The one I don’t have a feeling about is Washington.

But I think and pray they will finally put Utah on notice they are back.

nah…just seeing if you’d bite. 12-0 is just as ludicrous as 0-12. Neither one will remotely happen.

It would be a good win and the first game will answer a lot of questions. I dont mind losing but I don’t like looking incompetent while doing so and that was last year in a nutshell even in the first win against Portland State

Best of course is 12-0. Probable is 10-2. The floor is 8-4.

Anything below that is a disaster, even though 6-6 saves Kalani’s job.

The saddest part is that Kalani, and his staff, is the best BYU could afford.
The better programs tend to have more staff and better paid coaches. Old school style and old budget style Kalani et al may make it. Without some serious learning curve or serious upgrades the mess that Bronco left behind will only get worse.

Wow am I in a sour mood.

Utah is underrated.

They are always solid on D, solid on O and the running game but always lacked at good QB. They year they have a great QB. Utah could win the P 12

Let’s see…how many road games? We are 54% over the past 2 decades and there were some good BYU teams along that stretch.

Wash, Wisc. BSU and Utah are 4 ranked teams and road games. They are all in the Lost column for me.

Az is a 15 pt lost according to Vegas but I have a feeling that BYU will surprise some folks I just can’t mark us a win because of that darn secondary we have.

I haven’t had much time to post lately while getting ready for our season here, but I’m paying attention. I think we would be very lucky to finish 7-5. I think we lose to AZ, and we lose all 4 road games you mentioned–including getting completely slaughtered by both Wisconsin and UW (UW could be a 40 point loss; those guys will make us look like we are in quicksand, and all of our DBs will want to quit football after that game). So we would have to go 7-0 in the games we “should” win, but we have too often been TERRIBLE at putting bad teams away since Kalani took over. I think 6-6 and a new coaching search is more realistic.

If the off the field stuff doesn’t improve, I don’t think 6-6 or maybe even 7-5 saves Kalani’s job.

I just looked at our schedule again. Looks more like 6-6 is the high water mark for me. I think we will lose at home to either N Illinois or Utah State or both.

Thank you for a dose of reality

Kalanis recruits have arrived this year. He will have to be judged on his players, not Broncos. I think he has another year left in him no matter what. I do think I will need to eat crow if this year turns out to be more than 6 wins. We may get to 6 wins but Tanner won’t be the QB who gets us more than 2-3 of them. He may not get that. I just don’t see quick decision making ability under pressure in that guy. I am shocked that with the experience he has on the field … that he is going to start the season. Other top programs find no problem starting freshman and BYU has 2 of them who are way better athletes than Tanner. Oh well, proof will be in the pudding. Arizona may not have a good defense and it may allow us to get off the ball and get open down field. But the problem that no one has talked about is our lack of a running game. Canada is a junior college player at best. Heck the kid couldn’t make it at WA St and they almost never run the ball. He has gained some weight but he isn’t a threat. I thought Riley Burt would come on … but he hasn’t yet. The smoker was a good back but he is gone now … I think our offense will kill us against good teams and the defense will wear down. I look at 5-7 as the probable finish. I am all for the rumor making the rounds of combining the football team with BYUVU. Players can be on the team from either school, play at LES, be coached by a BYU coach but attend either school and live according to the grades and codes of their respective institutions. Imagine the new amount of attendance if students of both schools got behind the new team. Athletes who only scored low 20’s on ACT or only have 3 pt grades in Hs would attend UVU. Honor code enforced at BYU and UVU does their thing. Wanna bet on being included in a P5 conference? Wanna bet on being a major attraction for all LDS kids in Utah Valley? All other sports keep separated but FB. The combo would turn the football world upside down on Utah and Utah St. BYUVU would start to compete in attendance with MI and Ohio St. Fill in the corners of the stadium and bring capacity to 82k. TV contracts with ESPN would be huge even if we stayed independent.

Football quality would go through the roof!