What would be BYU's biggest win of the year?

I am going to say it is Utah, not LSU.

What say you

What I think you may be asking is, what win would mean the most to BYU fans, or even more to the point, what LOSS would hurt the most for Cougar fans. I agree that another loss to Utah would add to the years of pain and discouragement from Utah “trolls” who seem to be more interested in “dissing” BYU’s program that showing support for their own team. In the bigger picture, a win against LSU would be the bigger win, but a loss to Utah would hurt morale a whole lot more.

A win against a top SEC program would be huge for the national view of BYU. A win at Utah would probably be bigger to those who live in the shadow of Utah. Years ago when I cared about the rivalry more I would say Utah. Today I believe it is LSU because independence requires us to beat programs that get recognition from the East Coast sports media.

September is really important to winning all and the rest should be easy if we stay healthy. As for TUN “It is a MUST WIN!” Another loss to them, I no longer go to comment section in the DeseretNews and KSL! Man, can’t believe it is still June. I need to get busy for the summer.

How dare you write about football in a football forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While most logical people would say that the most important games to win would be:
1.LSU 2. Wisconsin 3. Utah

Not a reply, but a continuation:
4. Mississippi 5 Boise state, I would have to ask just how devastating it would be to lose to any of the other teams ranked 100 or worse, i.e. UMASS, Portland State, Fresno State, San Jose St., East Carolina,Hawaii, or UNLV.

While I take my hat off to our AD and salute him for giving us some of the most respectable teams to play in our school history these past 2 years, at the same time, I have to ask why we continue to schedule 6 or more teams each season ranked 100 or worse out of a 130 teams.

When we guarantee ourselves a winning season and a bowl game by scheduling half of our teams at 100 or worse, when we are 39 or better, just doesn’t make sense to me. We are better than than.
I don’t buy that this is the best we can do. I think that rather than earning our winning season on the field, we instead, are guaranteeing our bowl game and winning season in our scheduling. We lose to much credibility in doing so.

If we want the respect of a P5 independent team, like the respect that Notre Dame has, we must schedule each year, a minimum of 8 P5 teams like Notre Dame does.

As we sew, so shall we reap. I have more confidence in our Cougars and in our coaches than to guarantee a bowl game and a winning season based on our programing.

I would rather have a 6-6 season playing 9 P-5 teams + 3 quality mid major teams like Boise State, Houston, and maybe for a starting break, SMU, than to have a 10-2 season with 6 or more teams on our schedule ranked 10 or worse. Winning season and a bowl would mean something much more than it does now.

That’s my opinion.

If top teams are willing to play us then maybe we should be willing to let lower teams play us too. It’s all good!


If all things were equal, I would totally agree with you.

Things are not equal and that is why I must disagree.

The top teams, as you refer to the Pr Conference teams, are already secure in a P5 confeencee and they can afford to
have a little slack. But even than, TCU and Baylor, can confirm to you that the slack is very tiny, or even a power conference team could miss out on a Super 4 Play off game. They lost the opportunity a couple years back because, as a P5 conference team, their non conference games were too weakl

In the case of BYU. We are trying very hard to prove ourselves worthy of being in a P5 conferrence which we have not to date been able to do.

We certainly do not prove ourselves worthy by playing 6 or more teams a season with a National ranking of 100 or worse, out of a possible 130, That is not a way to prove yourself worthy to be invited to a Power 5 conference.