What's next for college football after USC, UCLA join Big Ten?

Interesting article in Sporting News: What’s next for college football after USC, UCLA join Big Ten? by Zac Al-Khateeb. Here is a sample:
“Still, the Big Ten isn’t the only conference looking to further poach the Pac-12 — according to a report from Brett McMurphy of Stadium.com, the Big 12 may attempt to further bolster its ranks with Pac-12 teams: The two Arizona institutions are among the most recognizable brands in the Pac-12, and make the most sense for addition, geographically speaking. Adding Colorado would add a former founding member to the ranks, while Utah has been among the conference’s better teams since it and the Buffaloes joined in 2011.” “The Big 12 reportedly is considering an aggressive, proactive approach in regard to college football expansion, looking to add as many as four Pac-12 teams to its ranks (as opposed to allowing the Pac-12 to poach its teams).” " they ranked in the bottom two of the Power 5 conferences in annual revenue for the 2020-21 academic year. The Big 12 reportedly made $356 million, with the Pac-12 making $343.5 million." “the SEC ranked first among all Power 5 conferences with a reported revenue of $777.8 million; the Big Ten was second, with $680 million; the ACC was third, with $578.3 million.” “One option both the Pac-12 and Big 12 may consider is a potential partnership with the other, a partnership between the Pac-12’s remaining institutions and the Big 12 would result in a 22-member superconference.” Thoughts or comments?

I can’t imagine that being a viable option. Twenty-two teams is too unwieldly.

Think the government will step in and break this up? Lots of football fans in Congress.

Congress? nah.

I think the 22 member superconference option is extremely unlikely, but having Utah and Colorado in the Big 12 is a real possibility.

Make it happen. Bring back and keep all the rivalries

I think the this could take a bad direction for Utah. The Big12 doesn’t need Utah because they have the Utah market share already. Washington, Oregon and ASU plus CU would be the best money making options. Oregon St, WSU, Arizona along with CAL are all useless in the competition and revenue making markets. If I were BYU I would just leave Utah out of the conversation.

Let Stanford try to join the B10 and take their liberal policies with them and see how they are received or not. They bring no revenue base and no eyeballs to sports anyway.

Bottom line Pac 12 was extremely arrogant, thought they were the top dog, self-described Conference of Champions. Classic West Coast mentality, especially California (and I grew up on the West Coast rooting for Pac 8/10/12). It caught up with them. Good riddance.

The Big 10 is as liberal as the PAC-12. I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin for over 30 years, most Big 10 schools like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Maryland, and Rutgers are all as left wing as Cal, Stanford, USC, Washington, Oregon and most other PAC-12 schools.

I lived in the Midwest for the last 30+ years also, including Ann Arbor - btw love the Midwest and the people. The schools’ liberalism may approach the west coast schools, mostly because they are colleges with liberal admins and faculty like 99% of colleges, BUT the people of the Midwest are nowhere close to the liberalism on the West Coast. Most people there can’t stand California especially.

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You wonder why the girl along with the liberal schools and colleges…

I am mainly looking at the most recent debacle of the PAC-12. They tried to influence every football school in the nation to not play because of Covid. Right off the bat the SEC, Big12 and BYU didn’t go along with it. Eventually the Big10 administrations had to give in to the tax paying population of their alumni and were pushed into accepting the idea that college kids just weren’t at much risk from serious Covid. They gave in allowed football to begin and the PAC12 was left holding the bag of stupidity by themselves. I don’t care if any of the PAC12 schools find places in the new leagues. Only if they fit in and make the new league money and leave their politics at home.

That’s a real good example of the difference between the PAC 12 (well, 10 right now) and the other conferences. The regional/state politics/hysteria drove the conference’s decision, and, not to let the universities off the hook, they drank the Kool Aid hard. Although, I gotta think Cali schools plus Nike U. and Udub are mostly to blame. I would imagine that Utah, WSU, OSU and maybe CU and the Arizonas left to their own devices would be more like the Big10, Big 12, SEC and say “Yeah, we’re going to play football, just gotta figure out how to make it work” The fan bases of these conferences would likely put heavy pressure on the Admins and they needed to be appeased. Can you imagine the deep south schools in the SEC saying, “Yep, season cancelled, no football, nothing we can do”. As my Canadian dad used to say, “Not bloody likely”

Here is where this is heading, A brutal assessment of the future of college football per Kirt Herbstreit.

College football realignment: Kirk Herbstreit predicts wild future after USC, UCLA move to Big Ten (247sports.com)

To me this is extremely sad to see the two teams, USC and UCLA leave the Pac 12 for the Big 10.

On the positive side, if there is one, this will make the Big 10 a coast to coast conference and bring in about a Billion dollars per year.

When this does happen, In 2024, I would like to see the new Big 12 be made up of the following teams:

BYU, TCU, Arizona St. Arizona, Utah, which at one time where all in a conference together, and Baylor, Houston, Ok. St., W.Va.UCF, Iowa St., Kansas St. and Kansas, and add to that for football only, Boise St.
would make up a team of 14. The big 14.

The pac 8,10,12 would need to add SDS, Fresno St., San Jose St. and Colorado St.and Utah State to Cal, Stanford, Oregon St. Oregon, Washington St. and Washington, Air Force, in order to remain a
Pac 12.

If this attempt tries to take place, and if the MWC holds tight, that conference may challenge and possible put the Pac 12 in the same position that the Big East was put into a few years back…How sad.

I just don’t think it is smart business to go into the same conference with Utah. If Utah could somehow get into the Big10 or stay put it would be better for them and BYU. 2 conferences claiming Utah market is the best way forward.


You present an interesting thought about BYU and Utah being in two different conferences instead of being in the same conference, I always respect your judgement and knowledge. I will have to think about it.

My thoughts were back in the WAC and the MWC and being a great rivalry. (G5 thinking vs P5 thinking)
It is projected that in the Pac 12 this 2022 season, Utah will be the #1 power team with ESPN ranking
of 7.

BYU Ranking is at 19. We play 5 P5 teams. We play 4 ranked teams.

I think most people will read my comments and think I am against BYU playing Utah. I am not! It is a great rivalry! But it isn’t smart to be in the same conference and TV/streaming market. Both schools can claim the intermountain market if they are in different conferences.

Who would want to watch Utard when BYU is playing :sunglasses: