When you ask what I mean about being more Christlike, this is a good example for us all


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My son came home early. He was embarrassed but didn’t give excuses. As time went on, he found things to complain about and became inactive instead of going back out into the mission field. As I found out, those that come back and go inactive often bring it on themselves. It’s not done by others our of spite or anything else. But, those who know him still love him and stay in contact.

We recently had a missionary from our ward come back early. He’s worked hard at getting back to the mission field. He’s received back his Priesthood functions and is about ready to go back out. When he came back, he was embarrassed. But, the ward accepted him back and helped him along the way. The Bishop even had him come up to the stand and the Bishop explained why he was back and that we should love him and help him.

I’ll say it again, most don’t make it. Most go inactive, especially if it’s a moral reason for returning early. But, it’s not because of members shunning them. It’s because they think things that aren’t true and get pulled away.