Where does Hill land?

The 4.5 million dollar question

Looks like NO will keep Hill around. I think that is the best path for both of them.

Oh, He loves it there, Brees is his close bud and Payton would do anything to keep him. I envision Hill taking more and more snaps to 1) spell Drew and 2) Payton needs to know if Hill can act like a starter.

I agree. Always a little question mark on Taysom’s accuracy … but he has the coaches to help him if he is to overcome that issue. Now is his time.

Hill will stay in NO if Bridgewater goes elsewhere-if not-don’t look for him to stay

I’m glad Brees is coming back. Hill is a RFA but I don’t think teams are going to throw a lot of money at him. I’m a huge fan of his…but between his accuracy issues and pretty fragile health, I think he’s best served continuing to do what he’s doing now. I think he’ll get a nice raise from $650k to about $3mil/yr, which is awesome.

Probably more like 4.5 million-but yes he should stay in NO-great coach great mentor in Brees