Where has that been?

Best played game of the year. Defense lead to great offense. Bartly played well too. This is an example of how we can win without offense from the bigs.

Sharp has finally figured out how to play college ball. Great game!

Sharp has looked great the last couple games. He and Barley play above the rim, all the time, and it matters. I’m tired of 6’10" guys who have to tap rebounds to themselves because they can’t go up and get them. Great job Josh and FB4. And Sky Halford? Yeah he made a couple bonehead passes but he is fast, he is quick, and he’s dangerous when he’s confident. And PS he is one of the nicest and most respectful kids I’ve ever met–anywhere. Glad to see him shine.

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And Pepperdine loses again. Go figure!

was that fun to watch or what? Sharp was on the other side of a triple double with 8 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. His leaping ability changed our inside game and his assists lead to wide open 3s. By the way…4 of his rebounds were offensive (to SMC Haha) and one was a put back, another was a big dunk.

Bartley is just plain graceful when he rebounds

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What I liked about Sharp’s game, in addition to what has been mentioned above, is his passing ability. He made some great passes in the open floor that led to great transition points. Haven’t seen that from a forward much at all this season.

Both of them looked comfortable for the first time on the floor instead of on the bench. I hope that continues because Nixon never ha hustled the way he should be.

LOL!!! LOL!!!

You ask where has that been and then you follow up with “Bartley played well” and “Sharp has finally figured out how to play”. Too funny…


Both of those athletic, experienced players have been languishing on the bench while we watched other less experienced, less athletic players wallow through games against Pepperdine, SMC, San Diego and Gonzaga and any other wcc team including the pre conference games as BYU has struggled to find itself this season.


Hilarious… as if nobody has a clue.

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It was all gamesmanship by Coach Rose. What do they say, “Just get in the tournament.” This has been his plan all along, to fine tune just before the post season (tongue in cheek). One game does not make a rotation, but they sure looked good last night. Let’s see how they do, and what adjustments will need to be made, for their trip to Spokane. I’m wearing the “Rose-colored” shades for now, though.

Early on, like you, Sharp and Bartley played like they had no clue. Sharp still can’t shoot. But, he played hard and smart. So did Bartley. Bartley did play better early on and should have played more. But then, Winder started playing better.


No way you can give that sorry excuse for Bartley (and Sharp) not playing earlier in the season. There have been numerous opportunities for more time… and what is it with the “Winder started playing better” comment, as if FB4’s minutes were lost at the expense of Winder. If that was the case then BYU’s issues are bigger than we realize.

Everybody always talks about the importance of experience. Both of those guys have it. The new guys are the ones that should be worked into the rotation as the season progresses if necessary and that didn’t happen. Of course there is no denying that Worthington was holding down the inside… lol.

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Coach was trying to get and establish a rotation. Not a 15 man rotation :slight_smile:

Debating referees is funny. Now if you had been a high school coach :wink:

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Again, getting back to my Brooklyn Dodgers who won the National League pennant in 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, and 1955 and 1956, then lost the 18 game season series against 8th place Pittsburgh most of those years. Go figure.!

Thanks-you guys are hilarious-makes it easier to get through a tough year. Heh Rose’s plan all along- to get to this point in the rotation! That’s really good! Of course he might of been able to cut about 4 losses out of the works by giving valuable playing time to those that deserved it. All this time Sharp was just getting ready to graduate and FB4-well-I don’t even know where to go with that one except-never mind-wasted rhetoric. I’m glad for Sharp-the fact is that Sharp always hustled from day one-he was just a little skinny, but desire makes up for a lot of shortfalls and give me Sharp any day over freshman Nixon and stifling defense from FB4 rather than freshman sharpshooter Toolson and that’s not saying Nixon and Toolson are going to be really good, but they still have that deer-in-the headlights look at times:) Hawks and Grasshopper-keep it up-you are worth the time it takes to log on and deal with this new site!

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I said worked into the rotation “IF NECESSARY”. I have been amused with some of Rose’s comments over the course of the season for the amount of playing time he has given to some of the less skilled, less experienced guys. “He is kind of holding down the inside for us” when referring to “no points-5 fouls” Worthington or “He understands what we are trying to do” Nixon who is good for at least a couple turnovers in that weave offense and not many points either.

As far as officials go, there is no debate - they are mediocre at their best and overtly biased against BYU at their worst in the wcc and you don’t have to have coached a girls jv team at some piddly little obscure private religious school to know that! :slight_smile:

For once, I feel like BYU can compete down low. Sharp and Barley are game changers. Sharp is looking to swat everything and just has a nose for the boards. Bartley is going to block you. These WCC teams now have something to worry about now that BYU is no longer one dimensional.

Hats off to Haws for keeping his cool. He gets hit, banged more then any player I have ever seen and only gets riled if the Refs miss the cheap shots or the take downs. If Reddick can play in the NBA, Haws can to.

A month ago, BYU would have lost this type of game…We are getting better and lastly, KC you did your part, your teammates just could not hit that last shot.

Both of those players have been langushing on the bench for most of the season… and I would really like to know why. There is a high likelihood that if they had been playing as much as they have been the last few games BYU would be the second place team right now with a very real opportunity to get a ncaa invite.

Just a curious approach to the strategy this season. We knew from the beginning that inside scoring AND REBOUNDING was a problem but only recently was anything done about it. Second chances on the offensive end and some defensive stops inside on the other end can make a huge difference in a game.

What strategy? I’m not sure when Sharp and Bartley were playing like they had no clue. Can barely remember them getting a sniff of any playing time. No-Sharp did not wake up one morning and discover he had new found powers and Worthington did not wake up one morning and found he had lost his incredible talent. Bartley has always been a good defensive player and didn’t just wake up and discover he was supposed to guard someone. So I will come right out and say it-“rotations have been mismanaged” for whatever reason. Now-everyone feels good after a couple of wins at home, but let’s take a look at what happens in Portland next. Win in Portland and make a game of it in Gonzaga and I’m looking forward to the tourney-lose and I’m looking forward to the NIT. Either way I’m enjoying BYU basketball without the blue blinders!

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Oh Ye of little faith :slight_smile:
Come on. At the beginning of the season, everyone was complaining how bad Sharp, Worthington, Halford and even Bartley looked on the court.

Perhaps in practice things started clicking for these guys. First Halford. Then Bartley. Then Sharp. Worthington is still lost. Maybe next year.

Andrus is going on his mission. Austin is hoping for a medical redshirt and able to play next year. Hopefully, the remaining bigs can develop an inside offense. Haws, Halford, Winder and Sharp are gone. Hope the guards shoot better that will be left behind.

Honestly-do you even remember seeing Sharp this year except for maybe the last 30 seconds in a game-maybe-or I’m losing my memory:) Bartley has been an athletic phenom since the slam dunk raves he received as a freshman. Halford had shooting problems earlier and turnover problems which still happen occasionally but has gained confidence probably from not being benched immediately from an ill advised shot. Rose made Worthington seem like the glue of the defensive scheme. Yeh-you could be right about practice-hard to say from Oregon what goes on in practice in Provo, but it’s easier to see which players under-performed for three quarters of the year before they started learning college basketball from a seated position. (sorry now I’m being rude) Hopefully BYU can replace the seniors with kids that have grown into the college game and the front court has developed into a force to be noted and of course, if you can’t shoot the ball it’s immaterial anyway, but I believe they will.

Yes, I do. Halford and Barkley too. In the first part of the season, all three looked awful. Oh, Worthington too. Well, all the bigs that were getting playing time. I said this before. But, riding the pine and practicing hard paid off in the long run. Except for Worthington. Kaufusi starts using that baby hook and scores 12 -15 a game, Worthington won’t see much time next year either. Probably a nice kid but you have to rebound and score too. Move your feet.

Bartley is looking better but still makes some mistakes on judgment with the ball. Hopefully next year he will relax a bit more and just play. It’s still going to be competitive for guards getting playing time. Haws and Halford’s free throw shooting will be sorely missed don’t you think?