Where is everyone?

I have not seen this board this “Dead” so close to the start of the football season.

What happened? Did fans abandum ship? Where’s the arguments? fun josting?

Just curious what happened.

It’s funny - I’m actually super excited about the season and much to banter about - I thought about posting last week when I set my DVR to record the game cuz I was so pumped that we were that close to kick off - Goooooo Cougs

Floyd, What is the color of our Jersey for this game? White? Royal Blue? Navy Blue? other?

Ron @ Section 126 Row 6, seats 17,18,19, &20.

been posting up a storm but with bow hunting ramping up, I will be around but not around.

here is my laugh of the day
Arizona will beat BYU in Jedd Fisch’s debut: Here are 7 reasons why | KSL.com

Biggest news in BYU sporting history is about to hit

I have not heard what color they are going with this Saturday, my guess is Navy Blue, but I could be wrong.

The writer should do another article titled “I don’t know what I am talking about, here are 7 reasons why”