Where is McChesney?

Maybe I missed something. Transfer? Retire? Injury?


McChesney was seems to be one of the BYU injury prone players.
In 2021 he had Leipsic foot injury late in the season.
In 2022 had an “undisclosed” injury in Oct that took him out for the season.

Maybe with the new Strength and Conditioning coaches, that trend may change.

If memory serves, his brothers were injury prone and retired early.

He gave it up, too many injuries.
too bad, he showed some big time moves

First hand info from his cousin.

Yes, it is too bad for this kid.
Hope that our new strength and conditioning coaches will make a difference this time around.
But B12 football league is a whole different animal what we are used to.

The good thing has been is we played a lot more P5 teams that has better prepared us for the Big12. We are better prepared than Cincinnati and others. Better than how Utah was before going to the PAC12.

Good point. Hadn’t thought of that angle
I think we’ll do a lot better than most people think. Offense will be better than most Big 12 teams offenses. Defense will do pretty decent. With last years defense strategy - hard to win games. With this years they’ll be in most if not all games.
Early upset prediction: will beat the Hogs in Arkansas

Football has lots of positives. Basketball is a big question. If we could get a Matt Haarms type big man that would help. Need a good point as well.