Where will Taysom Hill be next year?

50 yard pass. Touchdown catch. Bowling people over to a first down only to have Breeze fumble. Blocks to get a touchdown. They should have had him play defense at the end and cover receivers. He’s a free agent. Will he stay or will he go?

Depends what Bridgewater does

Ya, I think they should just let Hill play QB. Enough of this nonsense. Chicago needs a QB and so does NE.

I disagree. I’m the biggest Taysom fan on the planet, but I don’t think he has the accuracy to be a starting NFL QB. I hope he resigns with NO and does his thing for a few more years in the NFL. He’s not young as he’s 31. A few more years at $2mil (?) a year should set him up for the rest of his life. Then I see him transitioning to a coaching position in college or the NFL. Maybe a special teams coach?

Back to the game, Taysom was amazing. His running, blocking, and TD catch were awesome. His 50 yard completion was fine, but was actually badly underthrown. Good thing the WR was so wide open. On Taysom’s TD, I was a little worried that Smith had stripped it out before Taysom had demonstrated full possession. But after seeing just one replay, I see that Taysom caught it, took a couple steps in the end zone, and had just tucked it away when Smith knocked it away.

I doubt he’s thinking about that. Give him 5-7 years as the starting QB and he would really be set up for life. NO should give him the opportunity. If not there are teams that would be much better with him. Dallas for one.

Taysom Hill may never play multiple positions like he has been playing for Sean Payton again. Taysom would be better off staying with Coach Payton at NO. I would love to see Taysom play QB as a starter some day.

If he has a chance somewhere else to be 1st string QB then he should take the opportunity and pay increase. NO has to let Breeze go now. They never should have lost today except the crummy game of Breeze. He’s slow and has lost it. Bridgewater can’t take them anywhere. It’s Taysom’s turn.

Hill is unique-and is getting a lot of attention for that uniqueness. I believe he stays with NO and they give him a new contract to keep him. It also may prolong his career as the “Swiss army knife” . Hill was born in August of 1990 which makes him 29. Bridgewater probably leaves NO, if Brees doesn’t retire. Bridgewater is a quality qb and an NFL starter so he probably gets an offer elsewhere

Pretty much words outta my mouth except I would stay put at NO. They know what they have in Taysom, he should get a big payday. He’s the darling of the NFL, worth at least 5 mill per year (me talking). Should of been the MVP of the playoff game had Breese no fumbled twice. I also would not change much if I were Sean Payton, He has all the tools, just snake bit the last 2 years.

While I am on the subject…New England just needs to invest in some receivers. That dynasty is hardly over. Still a lot of gas in the tank for Brady.

Brady is done. Breeze is done. Time for the accurate passer Taysom Hill to be the QB. If he would concentrate on just throwing and running from the QB position then he would be plenty accurate.

U are correct-Hill is in a great position-one that will prolong his career. He is already eligible for an NFL pension (3 years) also the average length of an NFLs players career. He could conceivably play another 5-6 years if he stays healthy. Brees and Brady will both return to their respective teams for another year. Both NE and NO need to shore up their OL and like u said the receiver/TE for the Pats. Hill is absolutely in a great place right now-congrats-Taysom!

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Hill is a throwback to the early 60s during the limited substitution rules in college football when most players had to go both ways and play a lot of special teams. The best athletes got the most playing time. The present day Hill would have been a superstar in that era of college football. He could literally play about anywhere on the field. He blocks, tackles, blocks kicks, catches passes, throws, runs, was a kick returner as a rookie (and a good one). He could probably play strong safety on defense. He obviously loves the game and is a coaches dream. He will do whatever they ask him to do and do it well. He may be an average NFL QB but he is a great football player because he is a great athlete who can do many things and is willing do many things to help his team.

If he is willing to accept his role the rest of his career he could play 5-6 more years and have great value to any team willing to see him for what he is and give him playing time.

I wish he could have had 4 healthy years at BYU.

Hill has now stated he wants to be a starting QB. If he gets his chance, he could play another 10-11 years.

I would like to see him get the chance to be a full time QB. I am just not sure he would be a long term solution for some team needing a QB. I am not saying he wouldn’t be but for me the jury is out on that. I will say emphatically that he is a great football player even if his role is that of a jack of all trades.

Back in the days of limited substitution in college Hill would have played QB on offense and safety on defense and likely would have been an All American… That is what quarterbacks would do if they were athletic. If they were pocket passers with limited athleticism they would sit on defense for a defensive specialist. There were no offensive or defensive units just situational substitution. Those were the rules until about 1965.

What is special about Hill now is that football is a game for specialists and the irony is that his specialty is that he can used at multiple positions. In other words he is a specialist at not being a specialist, or a specialist at being a jack of all trades. He is versatile and athletic enough that he can be a jack of all trades. There are very few guys who can, or would, do that.

I hope he can realize his dream of being a starting QB but even if he can’t he is a special player.

Blame that one on USU…I personally don’t think Tysom could be more loved anywhere else. Payton was originally looking at film when he came across Hill and Hill “popped” on film. When GBay let him go, Payton jumped on signing Hill.

Breeze and Coach Payton love him. Anytime Hill comes out on the field for anything from special teams to a QB option, announcers are all over it. Hill fill seats and he drives up ratings in the NFL. He is special. He will get a big payday.

I think if he keeps up the way he has he could play in some pro-bowls. There was a guy at Buffalo years ago, I think his name was Tasker, and he was a terrific special teams player and I believe he played in some pro bowls. Hill is more than a special teams player.

Listened to radio today, they interviewed a NS sportscaster. He said that Tysom could go out in the open market and get 9-11 million right now. Amazing what one playoff game can do for your marketability.

Taysom will feel good when that happened. Wish him luck where ever he goes or stay at NO Saints.

Right on Sr Burton. Hill in NO either as a QB or Swiss-Army Knife or both. perhaps as a back up QB or third string QB and still the Swiss-Army Knife. I have heard comments that Taysom could be a backup QB and NO could still use him as the Swiss-Knife with a better than average 3rd string QB who could back-up Hill as the back-up QB.[quote=“Sr_Burton, post:8, topic:8578, full:true”]
Hill is unique-and is getting a lot of attention for that uniqueness. I believe he stays with NO and they give him a new contract to keep him. It also may prolong his career as the “Swiss army knife” . Hill was born in August of 1990 which makes him 29. Bridgewater probably leaves NO, if Brees doesn’t retire. Bridgewater is a quality qb and an NFL starter so he probably gets an offer elsewhere


If Hill does get picked up to be a starting QB somewhere, like a Carolina (if Cam leaves), aren’t you guys worried about him getting injured? I am. I like his NO role where he plays maybe 25 plays a game which keeps him fresh. And because he’s a QB, he wouldn’t do any hitting in practice.

Fish - that’s fascinating about the potential $9-11mil. Wow. Would Hill really be an upgrade over the teams with QB problems?