Which Teams Can Compete with Gonzaga in the WCC Tournament? - 25 Feb

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I think the way BYU is playing lately, it has a shot against the 'Zags on a neutral court. Anyone agree?


Sorry, that’s just the reality of the wcc.

BYU has no chance against Gonzaga and here are the reasons why -

  1. Mark Few will have a specific game plan for BYU if that is who they end up playing. He will work on it and practice it until his team is ready to implement it.
  2. BYU has not really done anything vs. Gonzaga since Jimmer destroyed them in the ncaa tournament many years ago.
  3. The wcc wants Gonzaga’s limelight recognition. It puts them on the map of major college basketball and is good for the game overall. The ncaa likes it as well.
  4. The conference and officials favor Gonzaga whether they are good or bad and help to make up the difference to cover the ground when the Zags have a bad game (this year) or just aren’t that good (last year) and that has worked for the conference for years, if not decades, now.

There are 4 good reasons, probably some more.

Both teams are on a roll. I think BYU will make them sweat — if not sneak out a victory. It will most likely come in the tournament.

I’ll be shocked if it happens.

Nobody, regardless of how well they are playing at the time, sneaks out a victory against the conference (and subsequent ncaa tourney) darlings. I guess it has happened in the past on occasion but no team in the entire country has dominated their conference like Gonzaga has the wcc.

It all started the year after Jimmer owned them in the ncaa tourney and BYU subsequently joined the conference. Before then St. Mary’s challenged occasionally but the Zags are the wcc.