Who deserved it and who didn't

Well, here we go with the ncaa tournament selections and time to talk about who deserved it and who didn’t. I will get it started with this -

Michigan, an 11 seed with a record of 17-14 should not have been invited. Once again, it is all about the money. Also, that comment the hopper made about “integrity” had no business being made. We all know the level of integrity in the NCAA is pretty low, if it exists at all.

Gonzaga is #1 in the west, waiting to see where St. Mary’s and San Francisco go.

How many teams from the Big 10 will be invited? More than should be that’s for sure.

3 of 4 brackets done, no St. Marys or San Francisco yet.

They are both in the East.

There’s a lot of teams that are NIT material rather than NCAAs. So, why are they going? Tournament champions. Some leagues that are very poor this year. I bet 15 to 20 teams don’t really belong except for winning their league tournament. In a couple of years, BYU will be in a league where they can be 17-13 and go.

You misunderstood my comment on integrity…Nothing new :sunglasses:


Maybe you need to take some time to explain your comments about integrity… after you get over the shock of BYU not making it into the NCAA tourney. :rofl:

9 teams from the Big 10 are in and there are a few who deserved to be invited over the stupid, crappy Big 10 that always gets too many teams in… there’s your integrity right there hopper.

It’s all about the money and that crud conference always gets a bunch of invites. Michigan, at 17-14? Seriously? total nonsense.

Well, they didn’t use the same criteria then. That was my reason. So, they have no integrity. The NCAA tournament this year is a farce. No reason to watch it.
The womens will be different and the NIT as well.

Dayton beats Kansas and Virginia Tech (who throttled Duke in the acc tournament final and beat the 1,2,3 seeds) and Dayton is left out.

WCC - has one number one seed, gets 3 teams in.
Pac 12 - has one number one seed, gets 3 teams in.
MWC - has no seeds in the top 4 of any bracket, gets 4 teams in.
Big 10 - has zero number one seeds, gets 9 teams in.

It should be a great Big 10 ncaa invitational tournament. If you are a member of the Big 10 you are more likely to get into the ncaa tournament than not.

If it’s a farce this year it is a farce every year since I can remember. It is the same old BS every time. The Big 10 gets everything they want and more.

What a joke.

Until we are in the Big 12. Then everything will be great, right :rofl:

Oh yeah, it’s going to be awesome!

BYU will go right to the top of the Big 12… :joy:

You aren’t following well. Slipping a bit. We can be 4th or even 6th place in the Big12 and still get into the field of 68. Do try to keep up :slight_smile:

??? I dont believe anyone is keeping up with what you are babbling about. This comment has little to do with what you said previously. You really think BYU can be 4th in a conference with 12 teams in it? They didn’t even finish 4th in the wcc and top to bottom the Big 12 will be a lot stronger than the wcc has ever been.

It’s all about recruiting and transfers. Watch and learn :nerd_face:

SG is clueless.

Nope. You are clueless.

Dew is correct.

So are you but not about Dew. You are correct that it is all about recruiting and transfers. I mean that is how the players end up on the team. Thanks again Captain Obvious…

However, only Gonzaga had that nailed down in the WCC. Most of the teams in the Big 12 have it down already. BYU was starting to work it but they are a ways away. Granted, the Big 12 isn’t going to happen for another three years but BYU has to finish better than fifth in the WCC if they want to finish better than 4th in the Big 12. I will take a wait and see perspective. Most of what you say doesn’t happen so we have that to contend with. It’s easy to see why people make the comments they do.

My logic is undeniable.

My logic is undeniable is perfectly “Illogical”… I agree!

I not sure who is to blame, but the reason for the slide in my opinion was the lack of height and talent inside. Once Baxter and Harward for the season, they had no answer for an inside presence.

I think Pope needs to focus his recruiting on getting someone for the center position.

Here is an article that talks about it:
BYU basketball: Did losing big men cost BYU shot at Big Dance? | Opinion - Deseret News

You don’t think Fousse can’t dominate the 5 with more experience? I’m trying to appeal to your logical side that he’s another Wes Unseld. Atiki can also be a great 5 off the bench. Both can interchange at the 4 in the future. But, we need more bigs and 4’s because of what happened with injuries this year. Not sure about the 1 and 2 positions. That’s where we need to really find some traitors, I mean transfers :expressionless:

As usual, you missed my point… which is not unusual for you…

I said:

So my question is “how well did he do THIS SEASON”? he was inconsistent throughout the season because as you say “inexperience”.

Second point:

Even if we have Fousse, we still need “MORE” inside players because of the injury history of Baxter and Harward. Fousse can not be dominate every game, every minute of those game even with experience.

Even the great Shaq O’Neil had a backup during his playing time (In LA it was Mark Madsen).