Who deserved it and who didn't

According to Shaq, he never really had a backup. Which is true. Madsen was a power forward.
I didn’t miss your point. You said we need a center. I said we have one. We need more bigs. We both agree on that. We have two but need more. You are so contentious :weary:

Needs a crazy good Point guard and more athletic shooting guards 1st. Atiki and Foos seem to be holding down the fort in the middle albeit undersized.

As this topic was about who danced or didn’t dance…Ok. got screwed, won 4 of 5 ranked teams in the end of the season but got over looked, Travesty, they would run at the sweet 16. I have them winning the NIT

You can’t do that when you are trapped in the 1970’s. The game is played TOTALLY different than it was 50 years ago. Your logical side needs to recognize that.

Having said that, the officials are trying their best to screw New Mexico State in the second half against Connecticut. I despise the bias.

UCONN lost…You think the game is different. It’s really not. Same 10 ft basket. Fousse is showing it’s the same.

This may be the answer to your comment:
BYU signee Collin Chandler tabbed Gatorade Utah Player of the Year | KSL.com

Are you kidding me?
The way defense is played is totally different than when Wes Unseld played.
You used to be able to hand-check or put your whole arm for leverage Now they can’t.

The biggest difference today from when he played, is the lack of physicality that used to be present on the court and now is basically eliminated…

Some of the rules changes since Unseld played:

1997 — A “no-charge” area established with a half circle with a 4-foot radius measured from middle of goal
2001 — Illegal defense eliminated and zone defense allowed. Defensive 3-second rule prohibits defensive player from being in lane without guarding offensive player
2002 — Instant replay implemented for review of certain last-second plays
2018 — Shot clock reset to 14 after an offensive rebound rather than 24

Not to mention the fact that most teams now have their own airplane or charter ones that make road trips a lot more comfortable than traveling commercial.

I here he’s mission bound. He may play a year then go on a mission. So, not what we are talking about anyway. We are talking about experienced guards through the transfer portal.

Did you watch the San Francisco vs mercer game…They almost pulled an upset.

Almost is the key word…

There was some weird “calls” towards the end, but I thought SF represented the WCC quite well, at least better than Kentucky did for their Conference! LOL

My daughter-in-law is a huge Kentucky fan. I sort of consoled her. SF should have won.

How do you figure? They barely made it to OT and lost to Murray State. They put up a good effort, especially Bouyea, but it wasn’t quite enough.

USC got screwed by the refs on a cheap, unnecessary call with 3 seconds left. No way that call ever should have been made. Let the players decide. Unless the guy gets hammered, no call. He got a clean look, it got blocked and they called a stupid cheap foul on a guy who barely brushed the guy going to the basket. Terrible.

Oh…ok…had that been BYU it would still been “the ref hates our Church!” Or something like that if the foul wasn’t called… :grinning::flushed:

Did you see the play?

Probably not. Once again, no perspective and no idea what you are talking about yet you yap away regardless. It was a bad call at the time it was made for sure. Miami had a clean shot and it was blocked by a player who didn’t get called for the foul because he played good defense.

The game should have gone into overtime. Let the players decide the outcome, not the refs. I guess you don’t agree with that.

Hey, it’s about the angles and you did say their was contact. As a former ref you know how that is. Well, maybe not…:sunglasses:

So what? If they called a foul every time their was contact, every player would foul out and the games would last one half… at most.

I said what I said and anything you wrote after that is irrelevant. :crazy_face:

Now it’s Davidson’s turn to get ripped by the officials. They are doing everything they can to get back in the game and the officials will have none of it.

Is there a chance Izzo plays Kryzeski during the tourney?

That is what they probably want.

Wow. They play each other in the next round. I honestly had no idea. This is going to be the Kryzewski farewell tournament for sure.

Here’s another one that I just don’t get.

First, let me premise this by saying I am a UCLA fan. After BYU they are the team I root for. Also, I am not a fan of St. Mary’s or their coach, though I acknowledge he is a VERY good coach. So here it is…

UCLA vs. St. Mary’s - refs whistling St. Mary’s for cheap calls most of the second half, UCLA getting away with everything as they grab a lead and extend it to 15 points with a few minutes to go. So what do you think happens next? The refs start calling all the fouls on UCLA, the ones they wouldn’t call for the first 17 minutes of the second half, to make it look like it was balanced. It just shows a lack of integrity for the game and the fairness that should be given for the entire game, not just picking and choosing when a call will be made so one team has a distinct advantage over the other team. It was apparent that UCLA was the favored team to win this game. Only a herculean effort and some lucky breaks were going to allow St. Mary’s a chance to win. It didn’t happen. Karma is that UCLA lost one of their best players to an ankle sprain. That will hurt them going forward if he can’t play.

I want to watch the next Duke game and see how they officiate Duke into the sweet 16… gotta make that epic story happen instead of just allowing things to happen naturally.

Well, it seems like this to you happens all the time in every game. So, I’m going out on a limb and say what you saw is what is natural. :rofl:

Meanwhile, the women lost with the turnover bug. The men are struggling as NI is hot.

I watch what happens. I see the game in a different way than most fans do. Some of the posters here get it and understand what I am saying and many of them see the same. Some people don’t see it.

Which one are you?

I am all about fairness and objectivity for each and every team. When I don’t see that happening I speak out about it.