Who is Colby Liefson?

Who is this Colby guy and does it matter?

Guess he didn’t like Pope. BYU has guards next year and like Toolson wants to just play.

He was a Mr Basketball type out of Wash…can shoot from anywhere. Like a Harding only 4 inches shorter and not nearly as athletic. He was not going to get many minutes in Provo.

We have some really good guards coming back. And, with a big front line, we will have an interesting potential next year. But, back to this year, Pepperdine…

Grasshopper…the cupboard seems pretty empty to me next year. We won’t be terrible, but losing your best three players (by far) is a big deal. Pope is a good coach, but he’s got some studs to coach this year. Next year is when we will find out what kind of a coach he is.

Agreed…He will have to prove himself. But, we have players with experience coming back. And, maybe a transfer or two like Gonzaga gets. The better we do the rest of the way the better for next year.

Well he brought one stud with him in Toolson and the other studs weren’t so dynamic the year before when they failed to make even the NIT. What he has them doing is playing as a unit and not for their professional pedigree. But yes, talent makes a difference, but getting the most out of your talent is the key to the bank. A bit like Few did years ago with slow white kids and still won😉

He still has slow white kids who can’t jump :slight_smile: