Who thought we would be 5-2?

Who thought we would be 5-2 at this point?
I still think the PAC12 is overrated and we will win next week. We should beat Virginia. USC will be our only potential loss and they are currently beatable.
We need to get better at tackling for sure. But, our offense now should move through the air.
Hall should run 8-10 times.
Algiers run 15-18 times but after the passing attack is established. Teams know how to stop our run game.

Why ask this question? Who cares what anyone thought BYU would be 7 games into the season? It doesn’t matter. What matters is how they are playing at this point and from what I have seen it is pretty average. They were over rated at #10 and they don’t really belong in the top 20, as evidenced by today’s game. As to the points you brought up…

BYU has always needed to get better at tackling.
If Hall runs 8-10 times he will get injured.
Allgiers shouldn’t run “after the passing attack is established”, he should run while it is being established.
Teams do NOT know how to stop our run game. Baylor did a good job today but that is one game.

It didn’t help the cause that the officials in the game today were non-existent.

We will see how the rest of the season plays out.

Well, Boise stopped our run game too. Causing fumbles in the rain. Sorry, back to the Edward’s era pass to establish the run. They had little answer for our receivers.
Yes, Hall has to run more. He had one run today and that was a 55 yard touchdown. Right Jim, don’t run Hall :joy:

I didn’t say “don’t run Hall”, I said if he runs ten times a game he will get injured or at least the likelihood of him getting injured goes way up.

So? He could throw the ball ten times and get sacked and get injured like he hurt his ribs. If he wants to play then he has to use his talents or go back to baseball.

Romney is the better QB for game management and throwing. Hall has great speed but he appears to be fragile. But Romney’s concussion has me concerned also. Maybe Conover won’t have these issues??