Why Arkansas may win…

First, no defense for both. They should score the same number of touchdowns.
Second, Arkansas place kicker will make all of his extra points and we have already missed one. Pathetic.

they “may win” because the BYU defense is pathetic. Zero pressure on the quarterback and making everything too easy for Arkansas.

This was never about “may win” it was always about “how much they would win by”. So tired of BYU football and their unwillingness to do anything different, settling for mediocrity and not putting forth the effort it takes to be more competitive and give themselves a chance to win games like this.

Terrible effort by the coaches once again. This team is 7 games into the season.

Time to look back in the previous posts and see what the predictions were for how they would finish.

If BYU wins five in a row they will finish in what I predicted as the best case scenario at 9-3.

If they win 4 out of the last 5 they finish in what I said would be a really good season at 8-4.

If they win 3 out of 5 they will finish where I believed they likely would, at 7-5.

If they can’t win 3 and they only win 2 of the next 5 (a real possibility even with Utah Tech left to play) then they will finish at 6-6, a .500 record, and definitely a disappointing season.

To me, it looks like the players are uncomfortable knowing where to be and get there quickly and aggressively. That time Arkansas QB was hit 4 times and got away was weak effort in tackling the QB. Should have stopped them for a punt. We are not staying close to their crossing receivers. Getting lost.

None of the defensive problems has anything to do with the muffed offensive plays. No plays for the TE. Very few pass plays to the middle. And why are 3 RBs out for the game? The offense should have been able to score 52 points too.