Why BYU got the USC win

USC was pretty impressed with 2 players: Wilson and Tonga

Before the season started, I thought BYU would be a solid team:
1 Veteran Lines
2 NFL talent at QB
3 The Transfer of SC RB, Ty’Son Williams

In the Utah game we had 3 turnovers and horrific penalties. I posed the question, “Is our defense bad or is it the offense leaving them out to dry?”

After the Tenn and USC wins, I think it is safe to say that BYU’s defense was lacking Tonga and a BYU offense that could sustain drives allowing the D to rest.

USC was tailor made for BYU…a pro style QB allowing BYU to rush 3 guys and drop 8 (not having to worry about Slovis running). USC is still scratching their heads on how BYU could pressure Slovis with just 3 guys. All three interceptions came from a confusing coverage, tipped balls and just Slovis trying to fit balls into too much coverage. ball game.

Coaching gets an A
Wilson and the line gets an A-
Williams, an A
BYU’s defensive line, A-
Tonga, A+
Special teams, B- (field goals)
DBs, A

Sitake and the coaching are not only off the hot seat but going to get some great recruits out of this.

Other notes: Tenn bounced back with a 45-0 win over Chattanooga
Wash looks beatable. Eason is a pro style QB…….but Chris Petterson is no joke, he will be ready for BYU and our D’ sive schemes.

Recruiting? I sure like to see finding better players but what about High Academic requirements will be hard to find quality players. Honor Code is here to stay which I am fine with that.

I remember Chirs Petersen (former Bosie State Coach) was not happy that BSU will be playing BYU for several more years. I am sure he was so glad to move on to UW. HE WILL BE READY this coming Saturday.

Injuries helped BYU. Their RB #29 was hurting us as we could not tackle him. A glaring problem still. The other USC RBs were much easier to tackle. And, they didn’t have a more experienced QB due to injury. I would give out B’s because to beat Washington we will need our A+ game!

I believe we have players that BELIEVE we can beat Washington on Saturday and that is what has to happen if we are to have a chance to pull out a win. I also believe our coaching is improving along with our players. Yes, we will need to play our best, but attitude is vital and I like what I see. It also looks like our turn-over problems may also be under control. Win or lose, I love to watch when I know we have played our best and this team has made me a happy fan. GO COUGARS!

I’ve been reading some USC news and their fans’ comments. Yes, they have better athletes than us but you’d think they just got beat by a high school team by the amount of credit USC fans and writers are giving BYU. We are flawed, but we are tough and we just beat an SEC team on the road and we beat a solid Big 10 team (Wisconsin) on the road last year.

Everyone in USC land is calling for Clay Helton’s head. Not one USC fan or writer supports him that I could find. They call him “Clay the Clown.”

USC and UCLA fans have no patience with coaches. We were better than people thought. Tennessee was better than people thought. Georgia St. is better than people thought. The Washington game is big for BYU.

We are now ranked #32. Washington game is big!!!

Oh they are?

Is that why they got beat by Western Michigan 57-10 yesterday? Is it because they are “better than people thought”

Apparently Western Michigan (LOL!) didn’t get that memo.

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BYU played a great game. They needed it to beat USC, who played an average game. This is something that has been a hallmark of BYU football over the years and something that keeps us hoping that things will get better in Cougarland.

I personally want to see them sustain it. I want to see them compete week after week and give themselves a chance to win every game they play. They didn’t do that vs. Utah but they did vs. Tenn. and USC and they squeaked out wins… or perhaps the teams they beat snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It depends on your perspective.

We will see if they can sustain it week to week. I hope they can.

BSU just signed another contract with BYU to continue playing… Petersen would never have accepted that… LOL

Frank Dolce who is a “Ute” broadcaster who comes on Sports Talk mentioned he was surprised that no one in the press box (Offensive coaches) never had USC running the ball, BYU was dropping 8 and daring USC to run…but they never did. Dolce was questioning why USC did not run the ball, they had success when they did it, but then went away from it. Dolce also said BYU out coached USC coaches. which is something I am not used to hearing… :open_mouth:

Kind of backs up what you are saying that USC played an average game.

Tonga in the middle is a black hole on defense, “anyone going in never comes out” :open_mouth:
I think that is the best game I have seen him play.

I agree with Jim. For some strange reason BYU football and men’s basketball are the quickest teams in the nation to get cocky and think they are really good after a big win … only to get pummeled by the next “good” team they face. I am happy for BYU football but I know this teams history isn’t one that keeps them hungry and performing at the top level.

If they beat UW I will start to focus on them more. The USC game was a huge step in the right direction.

When teams lose they always say they didn’t play their best game. Just an excuse for not saying BYU is the better TEAM!

Blah, blah, blah…Great win! Total team effort! Get excited and enthusiastic now. What are you waiting for? Be a true real fan :slight_smile:

You can bet Peterson will make BYU pay if we dropped 8 all game. Wash. has a 6’6 QB that is Not a running threat, as was USC’s QB. Peterson is too good of coach and will have learned from USC’s mistakes.

I agree, I think BYU defensive coaches need to disect what Cal did and come up with a good plan.

Tonga is a man child, I think he will be a key in stopping Washington running attack. I think just by his mere size he could block up two lanes. :open_mouth:

It is also nice to see a couple of the LB’s developing into some good players.

One thing, I noticed a db with the last name of Criddle on the field, is he Ben’s younger brother?

Remember one year when BYU was stopping Boise State inside the 5 yard line (red zone) when comes to Ziggy Ansah. And Peterson was going crazy and had no idea why we were able to stop them for scoring. Peterson will br ready (maybe) to get around Tonga. Dropping 8 guys the last three games has become a habit and hopefully we can continue to do well against Washington. But I don’t think we will out smart those Washington coaches.

I am hoping that the DC will adjust his game plan for this game. Washington has both good RB’s as well as receivers. so it will be a tough match up.

Looks like both Kaufusi’s are improving each week so that helps.

I am worried a bit about the injuries on the Defense, we had Kaufusi, Andersen and another starter (sorry can not remember his name) out last week. Hopefully everyone will be healthy for this game.

Kaufusi was out for the targeting. He played second half. I wonder if Warner will play this year.

Petersen has a very good Wash. team, but sometimes they play dirty, like the helmet hit on Williams, seemed obviously intentional.